Hi, I'm Jacob Atkinson, the brains (as I like to call myself) behind the SOS Game website, and I would like to introduce myself to you to give you an insight into why I have decided the time was right to launch this website, and my plans for it moving forward.

First of all let me start off by giving you an insight into my background, I originally started my working career in the gaming industry, working in an amusement arcade, not the most exciting job for a young lad, but it did give me an entry into the crazy world of gambling.

I was tasked with nothing more exciting than walking the floor of that amusement arcade, chasing out annoying little kids and helping customers with any problems they were having when playing the games inside.

It was from there that I did a small apprenticeship with a slot machine operator, that was a job I did love for I would follow the slot technical around from site to site and gained a good and valuable insight into how slot machines worked, and the many unique problems that players could and would have when playing them.

Whilst some of the problems where simply coin and banknote jams, there was a great deal of preventative maintenance I would have to perform on the slot machines we serviced, and repair or remove slot machines that have been broken into too.

I was then employed to empty and audit slot machines, which was another interesting part of the gaming industry, and one that would always see me being very busy, and it was another job I did enjoy.

I made a great deal of friends through the slot machine industry, and knew a few people that worked as slot machine designers too, I took a great deal of interest in the mathematics of slot machines and did learn a great deal from my friends, regarding how slot machines are not only designed but how they work and operate in greater detail too.

I did also enjoy playing many of their prototype slot machines and would like to think some of the feedback I gave them led to some of the slot machines being tweaked to make them even more player friendly.

Fast forward to the mid to late 1990's that is when online gambling was born, and for a short while I worked at an online casino, managing the day to day running of the main office and finance department, and that was a real eye opener for sure.

I then decided to move back into land based gaming, and was employed at a couple of land based casinos, one as slot manager and then I did a stint as a casino host, both jobs I feel put me in a good position for my next "job”

That job was to build, from scratch a website, but not the usual website, one on which slot players could find the information they were looking for, play any type of slot machine they got the urge to play, and for free and that is what I set about doing.

The result of my hard work is the SOS Game website, which I sincerely hope you are enjoying making use of, the site is growing daily, as I am sure you will have noticed if you have been taking a look around, but there is so much more to come.

From my past experience in all spheres of the gambling industry, I feel I am uniquely positioned to give slot players the information they are looking for, whether that is details on some of the scams and cheats that have plagued the industry, or how slot machines work and play too.

I know from personal experience too, when it comes to gambling online, all players need to find a casino site that they can trust and one that is always going to deliver to them a first class and enjoyable gaming experience.

That is why I have personally tried out every single casino, whether online or mobile casino showcased through this website and you will find an honest opinion on each of them as you look through those casino reviews.

The slot machines you will find have all been reviewed too along with you having the option to test drive those slots for free, and my ever growing range of slot guides news stories and articles are going to ensure that you always know what is happening in the slot machine world too.

So please do have a good look around this website, and please do feel free to call back whenever you like, as there is always going to be something new, and plenty of brand new slot machines of course for you to play for free too.

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