Round Up of Microgaming Slot Game RTP’s

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Dec 4, 2019
Round Up of Microgaming Slot Game RTP’s December 4, 2019" December 4, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

MicrogamingNo expense is spared when it comes to designing Microgaming slot machines and as such you are going to find them very enveloping slots that will keep you amused for hours and those slots listed below come with by far and away the very highest pay-out percentages too.

With such a vast amount of high paying slot machines, do make sure that you set aside plenty of time to play their range of slots, and try and stick to the ones that do boast the very highest RTP’s for more winning opportunities.

How to find the Best Microgaming RTP Slots

One aspect of playing slot machines online or on a tablet or smart phone, is that there are going to be such a huge range of them available to you, it can be quite hard to work out just which ones that you are going to enjoy playing the most.

However, keep in mind that we do have a huge and ever growing range of free play Microgaming slots available from this website, so you can try any of their slots out to see just which ones that you like playing the most, and this guide also is going to reveal to you just which Microgaming slot machines have the highest pay-out percentages.

Plenty of unique reel symbols, playing structures and even staking options and bonus games are what you are going to find attached to the hundreds of different Microgaming designed slot machines, so before you set about playing them try and learn just how their range of slots have been designed and structured to play and pay.

To be in a position to expand your knowledge of playing slot machines have a look over my many articles and slot playing guides, which cover topics such as which are the best slots with the new split symbols, which slots have the most reel symbols and do learn more about linked reel symbols.

I would also encourage you to discover what are colossal reel symbols and check out my guides titles stacked reel symbols explained and do also learn just how random wild reel symbols operate as you will find some Microgaming slots offering such symbols when you play online or via a mobile device.

Microgaming Slot Game RTP’s

It can be difficult trying to keep up with the huge array of Microgaming slot machines these days, as they tend to launch lot of new ones every single month of the year, and remember that you can play Microgaming slots for free directly for this website, so make sure you do select some of them to play at no risk.

Microgaming Slots RTP

    If however you fancy getting stuck into playing their slot machines online or even on a mobile device, then you will be best advised to stick to playing those which some with the highest pay-out percentages such as the Hot Ink, Retro Reels – Extreme Heat and Wild Orient slots that have pay-out percentages et over the long term at 97.5%.

    Then you have some basic playing three-reel slots such as the Couch Potato and High 5 slots which also have very high long term expect pay-out percentages of 97.4%. I would also point out that slots such as the Mad Dash and Summer Holiday do also come with high RTP’s and those two slots have been set to return to players over the long term 97.1% of their stakes as winning pay-outs.

    A few other slots that will appeal to some of you out there thanks to their unique themes and play structures are the 5-Reel Drive, 7 Oceans and Pollen Party slots all three of which come with a pay-out percentage set at 97.0%.

    Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Microgaming Slots

    One very handy tool that you are only ever going to find on offer at Microgaming software powered casino sites, is something known as a Jackpot Thermometer, they have that animation sat alongside each of the slot games listed upon the game’s menu by the way.

    What it is going to do is to give you an insight into whether that slot machines has been paying out recently or not, so for example a  slot that has awarded players with its jackpot recently or a series of jackpots is going to be listed with a hot temperature on the Jackpot Thermometer.

    Conversely, a slot that hasn’t paid out its jackpot recently is going to have a cold reading, and as such you will then be able to make a decision on just which slots you do get stuck into playing, based on the reading they all have.

    Keep in mind though that even though a slot hasn’t paid out its jackpot recently, being completely random games of chance, players will never know when it will do so, and as such it will always be down to luck and luck alone as to whether you do win a jackpot to not when playing any Microgaming slot machines, but there will certainly be plenty of them to pick and choose from.


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