Which High 5 Slots Have the Highest Pay-out Percentages?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Dec 2, 2019
Which High 5 Slots Have the Highest Pay-out Percentages? December 2, 2019" December 2, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

High 5 GamesYou will find plenty of well know land based slot machines that can now be accessed and played online, and it is High 5 Games that do have the most slot machines available to players, and you will certainly be tempted to give some of them a try when you see them online.

But those slots that are going to be worth your fullest attention from High 5 Games are the ones that have been designed with the very highest pay-out percentages, and as such please do read on to discover just which slots they are.

By learning the best strategy for using slot bonuses as well as discovering just why do players accumulate bonus games you are going to be able to put together you own unique playing strategies and systems when playing slot machines.

Therefore if you are interested in becoming a much savvier slot player, then do feel free or making use of my constantly updated and increasing in number range of slot playing guides that are dotted around this website, as you will find many of them covering additional topics such as how to play the top paying pick and win bonus games and the best slots with randomly awarded bonus games.

Some other guides that I do know many slot players have read through and have found very interesting on this website cover some other slot machine playing topics such as how do pick and match bonus games work along with which slot games have multiple bonus games, so do take a look through them and digest the information contained in each of them too.

High 5 Games Slot Machine RTP’s

I wouldn’t call the pay-out percentages of most of the High 5 slot games overly generous, but they are high enough to ensure that you should get plenty of play time out of your bankroll, but only if you get stuck into playing any of their better paying slots which do come with the best possible pay-out percentages.

High 5 Slots RTP

    As for just which slot machines they are, well one slot from High 5 Games that does come with an impressive pay-out percentage is their Golden Knight slot, which does have a multi stake playing structure so it can be played for low to high stakes and that slot has a pay-out percentage set at 95.0% over the long term.

    Many High 5 Games slot machines have a long term expected pay-out percentage of 94.90% and those slots for reference are the A Night of Mystery, Dangerous Beauty, Gypsy, Michelangelo, Shadow of the Panther, Sirens, The Mighty Atlas and Valkyrie Queen slots.

    Keep in mind though that being random games of chance, you will not always achieve the expected RTP’s when playing any o their slot machines, you could end up getting a much lower one on any one single gaming sessions, but if you are lucky you could achieve a much higher pay-out percentage on any one single slot playing session you have playing any of their range of slot machines.

    Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing High 5 Slots

    There are low, medium and some very high variance slot machines that High 5 have launched over the years, and as such it is very important that initially you pick out the type of playing structure that appeals to you the most, based on he level of risk you want to have in play when playing their range of slots online.

    The low variance slots are going to see you spinning in lots of lower valued winning pay-outs, and as such they are the type of slot machines you should consider playing if you want to have some much longer playing sessions.

    If on the other hand, you are looking for a boom or bust type of playing experience then consider giving the high variance slots available from High 5 a try, but never lose track of the fact that high variance slots by their very design could soon eat up your bankroll, but by playing those slot you do always have a chance of winnings some high valued pay-outs, if everything falls into place when playing them of course.

    You can of course choose to play High 5 slot games for free if you simply want to see how they have been designed, so consider doing just that if you haven’t yet played their range of slot machines before.


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