How Do Locking Wild Symbols Play and Pay?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 19, 2020
How Do Locking Wild Symbols Play and Pay? January 19, 2020" January 19, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

Sticky Wild SymbolsAs the number of slot games that come with their own unique wild symbols continues to grow, I want to ensure that you are fully aware of each of the many different wild symbols that you may come across.

Therefore, please read on for today I am going to be looking at one type of wild symbol that is known as a Locking Wild symbol commonly known as Sticky Wilds, and by reading on you will discover how those very unique wild symbols are possibly help you form plenty of winning combinations, some of which could be huge in value too.

The way in which Locking Wild symbols work is that whenever one or more of them have been spun in, those wild symbols lock into position on the screen, and as such on the next spin you play off those symbols will remain in place.

However, those symbols could come into play via a base game of a slot and/or its bonus game and the number of consecutive spins that will have those symbols locked into place will vary from slot to slot.

Most slot games however that do have Locking Wild symbols will have then in play during a free spin’s bonus game, and you will often find they stay locked onto the screen for the duration of the free spin feature round.

Tips for Play Slots with Locking Wilds

Let make now move onto passing on to you the best slot playing tips and strategies for playing any type of slot machine on which there are Locking Wild symbols on offer.

The first thing to note is that if you set about playing one such slot game on which there are adjustable and optional pay-lines, then it is important that you always try and activate every single available pay-line.

That way you never lose out when a winning combinations has been spun in often with the help of the Locking Wild symbols, which you may run the very real risk of doing if you do not have all available pay-lines activated and in live play on every single spin you play off.

I would also suggest that you set the stake levels you are playing any Locking Wild symbol slot game for are ones that will enable you to get to play off a large number of base game spins.

By setting the stake levels down low that way if you experience a run of losing spins, they will not put too big a dent in your bankroll, which they could do if you are playing or too high a stake level.

Keep in mind too that huge valued winning pay-outs are rare of any slot machine, so if you do ever win big when playing a Locking Wild awarding slot machine then make site that you cash out those winnings and lock in that profit.

Where to Play Locking Wild Slot Machines

What you will first need to do if you do want to play slot machines such as any of those that have Locking Wild symbols attached to them, is to look around at any of our featured real money casino sites.

The reason I say that is that each of them will be offering you not only a very impressive range of different slot games, but there are also going to be plenty of additional extras and exclusive promotional offers and deals available to you at each of those sites too.

As some of those casinos are licensed in different parts of the world, and as you will want to play in your own home currency too, it is important that you do sign up to a casino site or a casino app that will allow you to set your account to operate in your own home currency.

Each of our top rated casinos sites and apps are all fully reviewed too, so you will find out much more about each of them, and remember that they are all going to give you access to their many different games via a demo mode version of them.

That does of course mean that you can check out those casino websites and give any slots you like the look of as much no risk free play time as you like, and they all have high valued sign up welcome bonus available to o if you want to switch over to playing their range of slot games for real money.


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