The Risks Associated with High Variance Slot Games

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 20, 2020
The Risks Associated with High Variance Slot Games January 20, 2020" January 20, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

Online Slot Playing RisksIt doesn’t matter which type of slot machines you play, there is always going to be an element of risk associated with playing them, however as someone that may be new to playing slot machines in general, you need to be aware of the three main types of something known as slot game variance.

Slot variance is simply the term that is associated with the volatility of playing slot machines, and you are going to find three main types of variance when playing slot games in any type of playing environment.

The most volatile and therefore the very highest risk slot machines that you can play however are those that have been designed as high variance slots, however there are going to be several pros and cons of playing those types of slots.

I will be giving you an insight below, into those pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether they are going to be slot games that you may enjoy playing.

If you do by the way then no matter at which of our featured casino sites or casino apps you sign up to and choose to play at, you are always going to find plenty of high variance slots to get stuck into playing, either for free or for real money.

Best Way to Play High Variance Slot Games

The most important aspect of playing high variance slot games is that you need to pay very careful attention to the stake levels that you are playing for, as the number of dead spins you will play off can often be huge in number.

It is also worth remembering too, that those high variance slot machines that come with some form of bonus game, much more so a free spins type of bonus game, tend to award their very highest valued winning payouts via those bonus games.

As such you should set about first choosing your bankroll to play any high variance slot machine for, and then divide it up so that you can comfortably afford to play off a large number of base game spins with your available bankroll.

The more base game spins you do get to play off the more chance you will then have on any one single slot playing sessions of triggering what may just turn out to be one of those much higher or even mega paying bonus games.

Most online slot players that have experience of playing high risk and high variance slots will also make a point of claiming deposit match bonuses when they are about to play such slots, as that way they can boost the value of their bankroll which in turn means they will then get more base game spins out of their bankroll with the additional bonus credits they have claimed via those bonuses.

Prefer Playing Lower Risk Slots?

Keep in mind that when you do play at any casino sites, or when playing via a casino app, you are not online going to find plenty of high variance slot games and slot machines, but you will also find plenty of low risk one too.

If you want to keep your chance of losing quickly down to the absolute minimum, then my advice would be to track down and get stuck into playing any of the huge number of low variance slot games.

Those slot games have been designed in such a way that you will have plenty of base game winning combinations spinning in and could also trigger lots of bonus games too, however unlike high variance slots, the winning combinations you will form will tend to be very low valued ones.

However, thanks to the frequently spun in low valued winning combinations that all low variance slot games do offer players that means some much longer slot playing sessions can often be achieved when playing those slots, as players can often recycle their bankroll and those winning many, many times when playing.

But do also make a very activate point of only playing slot machines that have been designed with the very highest possible payout percentages, as over your longer term play those type of slots will return to you as winning pay-outs more of your stake money, so do always keep that fact in mind when you are trying to pick out some slot machines to play.


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