Slot Channels Are Proving Popular with Slot Players

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 29, 2020
Slot Channels Are Proving Popular with Slot Players January 29, 2020" January 29, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

youtubeYou can of course spend hours on websites such as YouTube, and thanks to the way that you are presented with additional videos on that channel based on the ones you have watched, if you are a slot player for example you are going to find plenty of slot channels, each presenting footage of them playing a range of different slot machines.

Some slot channels on YouTube have really made an impact with viewers, and several of them now have in excess of 200,000 subscribers, proving that slot players do enjoy watching such videos.

It is true to say though that many of the slot channels you will come across do show high rollers playing for stake levels not many players can afford to play for, but there are plenty of them that also show players playing for much more realistic stake levels too.

The most watched slot play videos however are those on which players manage to spin in those huge jackpots, that most players often dream of hitting, and you will certainly see plenty of such jackpots being won.

Many slot channels also offer their subscribers the chance to play slot machines alongside the stars of those channels, by taking part in a slot machine group pull.

When doing so each player throws an equal bankroll into the pot and then one or more slot machines are chosen to be played, with any winnings achieved being split between the players taking part in that group pull event.

Slot Channels Can Be Educational Too

You could be planning a trip to Vegas one day soon or could simply be on the lookout for ways to play slot machines and be on the hunt for new slot machines too.

If that is the case, you really should tune into any of the many slot channels that are available on website such as YouTube, for you will see all manner of different slot machines being played, and can often come across some slots that you haven’t played before either.

Take for example the video below, it is from a relatively new slot channel, that being the Let’s Play Slot Channel, the players on that channel are based in Spain and as such you are going to see them play a range of slot machines that you may not have ever played before.

What I do enjoy about that slot channel however is that they give you an insight before the live slot play on how each slot has been designed, such as the number of pay-lines, any additional bonus games that can be triggered, and then they give their opinion on each slot played, after they have had a session playing it

Do Slot Channels Make Money?

One question that often crosses the mind of anyone watching any of the many different slot channels is how do such channels make money or do they make money for the stars of those channels.

Well, many YouTube slot channels do not make anything from the videos they produce, and the only way they do make anything is if they are lucky enough to win when playing the slot machines they are filming themselves playing.

However, many slot channels offer their viewers and subscribers a range of merchandise, or have so many subscribers and viewers of their videos they can earn an income stream from YouTube from the advertisements that are played before during and after their slot play videos.

I have also seen some slot channels that also offer their own supporting websites or slot machine apps, which can often open up an additional revenue stream for them.

But I do know it takes a great deal of time, money and effort to launch a slot channel and then ensure there is enough ongoing content to keep subscribers happy, but some players simply launch their channels with no ultimate aim of earning much if anything from them.

As for whether slot machine slot playing channels are going to be around for the long term, well I think it’s fair and very true to say they will, and there will be plenty of them launching in the months and years ahead, and possibly some land based casinos will eventually launch their own channels online too.


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