Which are the Highest Paying Rainbow Riches Slots in the Series?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 16, 2020
Which are the Highest Paying Rainbow Riches Slots in the Series? January 16, 2020" January 16, 2020 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Rainbow RichesThe Rainbow Riches slot game has been a slot many slot players have enjoyed playing over the years, and having been initially designed as a slot machines found in land based venues, slot game provider Barcrest soon set about turning it into both an online and mobile device compatible slot too.

Due to the popularity of that slot however, several different slots boasting the same theme have been launched over the years, and as such today I am going to be giving you few pointers as to just which slots in that series are going to be worth playing, and why.

The original Rainbow Riches slot was designed to return to players a long term expected RTP of some 95.00%, which is a reasonable payout percentage for a Barcrest slot, however it is not a slot that does offer the very highest paybacks, which by the way some of its sister slots are.

One thing you are going to notice however about each of the slot games in the Rainbow Riches series, is that they all come with an Irish theme, and will also offer players several different bonus games and bonus features too.

Rainbow Riches Slots with the Highest RTP’s

All savvy slot players will only ever be interested in playing slot games that have high pay-out percentages, as that way they will be assured of getting plenty of winning pay-outs over the long term.

As such if you do find yourself attracted to playing the range of Barcrest designed Rainbow Riches slot machines, then the one that should be right at the top of your list of slots in that series to play is the Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold slot.

The reason for me saying that, is that slot currently boasts the very highest RTP of any slot in that series of slot machines, and for reference that RTP is a very generous and high 97.75%.

There are also three other slot machines in that series that all have been set to return to players over the long term a payout percentage of some 96.00% which is a decent enough RTP for sure.

Those slot games which many online and mobile casino sites do have on offer include the Rainbow Riches Megaways slot, along with both the Rainbow Riches Pick’n’Mix slot and the Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold.

Each of the slot mentioned in this guide are by the way accessible to players via a demo mode version of each of them, so you are going to be more than welcome to play them for free to see just how they have been designed, so do consider doing just that.

More Rainbow Riches Slots in the Series

There are a few more additional slot games that make up the series of Rainbow Riches slots, however sadly those slot machines whilst all offering their own unique set of bonus games and bonus features, and some very high valued jackpots too, do not come with high RTP’s.

Take for example the great playing Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours slot, whilst that slot does look good and can keep players entertained too, it is a slot on which the RTP has been sadly set at a rather low 94.00%.

Then you have the Rainbow Riches Free Spins slot, as that slot game has been built around a long term expected RTP of just 95.17%, it isn’t one I would be tempted to play, for there are as you have just found out some much higher paying slots in that series which much higher payout percentages.

Another slot that you are bound to come across as both an online or mobile slot player is the Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home slot, but once again that slot doesn’t have much player appeal, once a player discover its long term expected RTP has been set at just 94.00%.

The same can also be said for another slot on which its RTP has been set at just 94.00% that being the Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold slot game, so do yourself a favour if you do fancy trying you luck on a  Rainbow Riches themed slot game, and stick to playing the Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold slot, which has the very highest RTP of all of those slots in that series.


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