Genesis Gaming Slots with Higher Than Average RTP’s

Jacob Atkinson By Jacob Atkinson    | Nov 30, 2019
Genesis Gaming Slots with Higher Than Average RTP’s November 30, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Playing slot machines online is of course going to see you coming across lots of different slot games from many different game providers, however many players have discovered the joys of playing slot games from Genesis Gaming and with that in mind I have put together this guide which will present to you their slots on which the highest possible pay-out percentages are attached.

Once you do start playing slot machines online, on a mobile device or in a land based casino, you are going to have plenty of questions about the slot machines you come across, for they will have their own unique features, bonus games and playing structures.

There are plenty of additional guides throughout this website that will answer all manner of different questions about playing slot machines, includes one such as my guides on where to buy slot machines in Las Vegas, how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone and even how to pick a winning slot machine.

Therefore I openly invite you to have a look through my guides for you will find many of them very insightful, including the ones that look at which casino has the most slot machines in Las Vegas, where to sell slot machines and where to buy slot machines too.

Genesis Gaming Slot Game RTP’s

With low to high staking options one thing is for certain if you do decide to play any of the Genesis Gaming slot games, and that is you will always find them affordable, so make sure you play around with the stake levels when playing their slots and set the to ones that your bankroll can sustain.

As for which of their slot games do come with the very highest of pay-out percentages will the Machine Gun Unicorn slot games RTP is 97.2% and as such that is one slot that is always going to be worth playing over the long term.

You will find that the Alaxe In Zombieland and Tiger vs Bear slots have pay-out percentages set at some 96.6% and there are also respectable and decent RTP’s on offer on the Booty Time and Ragnarok slot games too, and for reference those pay-out percentages are 96.5%.

Some other slot games that are also going to be worth playing due to their higher than average pay-out percentages are the Lucky Rabbit’s Loot slot which has a pay-out percentage of 96.2%, the Gods of Giza and Today’s Weather slots have RTP’s of 96.1% and if you play the Drone Wars and Mount Olympus you will benefit from pay-out percentages of some 96.0%.

So, as you can see the Genesis Gaming slots named above are going to pay-out more of your stake money over the long term and should be the ones that you should be setting about playing.

Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Genies Gaming Slots

Set yourself a budget to play slot machines with, that is a very important tip I can pass onto you, for it can be and often is very hard to resist carrying on playing when you have lost you initial deposit into a casino site, much more so if you are being offered a bonus to make another deposit.

By setting yourself a limit when playing then you are always going to know when the time to stop playing is, but do also set yourself a modest winning goal, and the lower you do set a winning goal the much more likely you are to achieve that winning goal.

Never forget where the cash-out button is when playing slot machines, and if you are ever lucky enough to win big then the onus is on you to ensure that you withdraw those winnings quickly, rather than stand the very real risk of losing them back to the casino.

As far as just which slot machines from Genesis Gaming you should be making a beeline to play online or via any type of touch screen enabled mobile device, well it is those that I have listed up above that come with the very highest pay-out percentages that you should be playing.

Jacob Atkinson

Hi, I am the Chief Editor of, this site is dedicated my love of slot games. Slot machines have been around for a while, with now being converted to an online audience. So I have decided to put them all in a place where you can hopefully enjoy them as much as I do.

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