What’s Unique About Egyptian Themed Slot Machines?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 12, 2019
What’s Unique About Egyptian Themed Slot Machines? November 12, 2019" November 12, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

EgyptI do know that some players cannot resist playing Egyptian themed slot machines, in fact log onto any online or mobile casino site you are going to come across a huge number of different slots which will boast their own Egyptian type of theme.

As such, I have put together the following guide which will enlighten you fully on why those types of slots do seem to attract players and get a lot of attention from them, but do keep in mind you should know which slots have low pay-out percentages and avoid playing them.

If you prefer playing slot machines in a land based casino and are ever eager to play slots with an Egyptian theme then do make sure you know where are the best paying slot machines located and if you play for high stakes them look out for the best way to play high rolling slots too.

I have also compiled for you lots of other guides and slot playing articles that will hopefully increase your knowledge of how to play slot machines and slot games and to give you some ideas of what many of them have to offer you in addition to their themes too.

So when you get time do feel free to read through my guides to ways to get more slot spins from your bankroll and also look over my slots with bonus board feature rounds article and the one that looks at how scatter symbols work as you will find lots of Egyptian themed slots that come with at least one set of scatter symbols.

Unique Characteristics of Egyptian Themed Slots

If you are interested in playing Egyptian themed slot machine then be aware that many of them do come with a very high risk and high variance type of playing structure, so you should neb aware of that fact and never play such slots for too high a stake level, or your bankroll may not last very long.

  • High Variance
  • Free Spins Bonus Games
  • Wild Multiplier Symbols
  • Multi Stake Slots
  • Egyptian Sound Effects
  • High Pay-Out Potential
  • Progressive Jackpots

Many Egyptian themed slot machines will also come with a free spins’ bonus game, but some of them may offer a pick and win or pick and match bonus game instead, and some such slots can have high valued wild multiplier symbols too.

The sound effects are going to come with an Egyptian theme of course on most slots with that type of theme, an do also be aware that some slots with that type of them will come with one or more progressive jackpots too, so there are going to be the chance that you could win a life changing jackpot when playing those types of slots.

Best Way to Play Egyptian Themed Slot Games

Let me now look at some of the very best ways to play Egyptian themed slot machines, for if you are an avid slot player then at some point in time you are going to end up playing them, and therefore will ned to have some idea as to just how to get the maximum winning chances when playing them.

The very first thing that you should be doing however, when playing any type of slot machines including those that boast some form of Egyptian theme is to look out for those that have pay-out percentages that have been set higher than 96%.

The higher the RTP the better, for by you only ever playing those types of slots then you will get more of your stake money as winning pay-outs over your long term play and that will also mean you get more play time out of your bankroll too.

The variance attached to most Egyptian themed slot machines is going to be a high variance, and as such those types of slot machines are often going to be very high risk ones to play, so try and keep your stake moneys to a modest amount and play a unit stake level that is going to allow you to get a fair number of spins out of your bankroll too.

As to whether you will be best off making use of casino bonuses and the like to play Egyptian themed slot machines with the bonus credits that you will be awarded with when claiming them, however it will always be the terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus that will ultimately determine whether they are going to be worth claiming or not.


You are always going to find slot machines available to you to play no matter where you live in the world and if you are based in Ireland for example you will find several venues in which slot machines are on offer to players.

In fact, Irish themed slot machines are also available in very large numbers too, so do consider giving some of them a try as you never know just when they are going to pay out their jackpots but at some point in time they are all going to award their respective jackpots to players.

I would also advise you to keep your eyes peeled for some of the next generation of slot machines, such as the slots with skill based bonus games and bonus features, for the more experience you get of playing those types of slot games the more chance you have of winning big once those true skill bonus games are triggered and awarded to you.

At the end of the day though, you are never going to go short of slot machines to play no matter where you choose to play them, but do try and give some Egyptian themed slot games a little bit of play time as you will have plenty of fun when you do so.


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