Ways to Get More Slot Spins from your Bankroll

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 15, 2019
Ways to Get More Slot Spins from your Bankroll September 15, 2019" September 15, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

slot machine bankroll managementGambling can of course be fun, exiting and when things do go your way it is also possible for you o win some high amounts of cash too, but never lose track of the fact that when things do not go your way it is possible to lose your set aside bankroll too.

What all gamblers will be looking to do however when they set about playing slot machines for real money and in any playing environment too is to get a fair amount of play time out of their bankroll and that will be achieved if they do get lots of slot spins on the slot machine or slot machines that they have chosen to play.

Therefore and with that in mind, I have put together this guide in such a way that it will walk you through several different slot playing strategies and it will pad onto you several slot playing tips too that will enlighten you on just how you can play slot machines so that you will always have a fair and reasonable chance of getting plenty of spins and play time out of any slot game you do end up playing, so read on and then make sure you adopt the strategies and utilize the slot playing tips mentioned below.

Best Slots to Play for More Play Time

Not all slot machines are designed in the same way, and some of the ones you will come across with have a low variance type of playing structure and format, and they are the slots that you are going to win more often when playing.

The winnings you will spin in and achieve via low variance slot machine bonus games and bonus features are going to be low valued ones those, however due to the rate at which the winning spins will appear and be spun in will ensure you can recycle your bankroll plenty of times.

To discover whether a slot machines has a low, medium or even high variance type of playing structure you should look at a slot games pay table as by doing so you will see low variance slots for example tend to have very low valued winning pay-outs.

High risk and medium variance slots however will offer some much higher pay-outs and jackpots and can also have several potentially mega paying bonus games attached to them too.

So if you do want to get the maximum amount of pay time, fun and winning pay-outs, albeit some of the much lower ones, then you should be making a beeline to play low variance slots, please do have a look around this website as you will find plenty of such slots reviewed and you can also play them for free too, and that way you can see if you do enjoy playing them.

There are other ways to get even more play time when you want to play slot machines for real money as opposed to simply playing them via a demo mode version of each game, and one way is to make use of casino bonuses as there will certainly be plenty of them available to you no matter at which online or mobile casino site you play at.

The bonuses that offer a deposit match type of structure are the ones that I do feel are going to be the best ones to play, but look out for those that are going to come with a very low play through requirement and ones that will not see your winnings capped either.

You may also have plenty of fun and entertainment when you take p[art in online slot tournaments, and if you are on a small bankroll and do not have much spare cash to gamble with then a slot tournament will ensure you get plenty of play time for a very modest entry fee.

But at the end of the day you can always play slot machines for free and at no risk for as long as you like via this website, so please do take a good look around and give some of our free play slots a whirl.

Ways to Get More Slot Spins

Below you will find several different ways that you are going to get more spins out of your slot playing bankroll or ways that will ensure you do get plenty of play time when you next set about playing slot machines.

Obviously by playing or very low stake amounts you will then get plenty of spins and play time out of your bankroll, and if you play few pay-lines then you will also get more play time too as your bankroll will last a little bit longer than if you put into play all pay-lines a slot machines offered.

Also consider making sue of the many different casino bonuses that are also available to you as many such bonus can massively increase the value of your bankroll, and think about cashing you in a redeeming any comp points that you have earned to get additional playing credits too.

  1. Play for Low Stakes
  2. Activate Few Pay-Lines
  3. Consider Using Bonuses
  4. Slow Down the Reel Spin Speed
  5. Cash-On Your Comp Points
  6. Take Part in Slot Tournaments

Another way to get load of slot play time but in a very cost-effective way and sometimes at no cost whatsoever is by you taking part in some of he many online slot tournaments that many casino sites offer their players, so consider doing just that.


There will always be some weird and wonderful slot player promotional offers available to you when playing slot machines at different venues and sites, and some casinos give away old slot machines as prizes to their promotional offers too.


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