Slots with Bonus Board Feature Rounds

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 15, 2019
Slots with Bonus Board Feature Rounds September 15, 2019" September 15, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Online Slots Bonus RoundSlot machine designers do spend a lot of time, money and effort when they are putting together any new slot machines that they are currently designing, for each new slot does of course have to appeal to slot players if those slots are going to become popular slots.

Whilst the sound effects themes and even graphics and animations any slot game does offer players will tend to be unique, it is also the bonus games and bonus features that players will be much more interested in.

There are some slot machines that you can play in any playing environment these days that offer players something known as a bonus board type of bonus game, and those slots will see players working their way around a bonus board when such a bonus game has been triggered and awarded to them.

The aim is of course to reach the higher levels of that bonus board without landing on a collect, position or a game over position on them, for the higher they manage to progress on a bonus board the bigger and much higher valued cash pay-outs will then be awarded to them, below you will find some slots that do offer a bonus board as their main type of bonus game.

Many Fruit Machines Offer Bonus Boards

It was in the 1980’s that many land based slot and fruit machine designers started to turn their attention to launching slot and fruit machines that offered a bonus board type of bonus feature, and one of the most played slots at the time was the Line Up machine which was one of many such slots designed and developed by Barcrest.

That slot machine of which you can see a video of it above is one on which there are numbers that have been superimposed onto some of the reel symbols, and as such whenever any numbers do spin in on one single pay-line you will move along the bonus board the corresponding number of spaces.

As you do so you can trigger a set of nudges for example or you could land on a position on the bonus board which will then award you with a cash pay-out too, and as such the more numbers  that you do spin in the greater the chance you will have of being awarded with a cash prize or a set of nudges.

There is however also the chance that you could make it right to the top of the bonus board when playing such a slot, and by doing so you will then be awarded with the maximum pay-out possible on that fruit machine, and that is of course where all players of that slot and all other similar slots will be hoping they do land.

Fruit Machines Offering Bonus Board Features

As fruit machines do have a unique pay-out percentage and that therefore means that over the long term you are not going to always win when playing slot machines, and you are certainly not going to be able to make a living playing slot machines either, you should only ever play such games with a bankroll that you can comfortably afford to play with.

Some fruit machines that do offer players the chance of triggering any number of times per slot playing session they have, can and will also offer players range of other bonus games and bonus features, one of which could be an optional type of gamble game.

Just keep in mind that you do stand the risk of losing any winnings you have achieved via a base game spin or via a bonus board feature round or bonus game when you chose to take the gamble game option feature on any slot machine.

Most Played Fruit Machines

It is difficult to try and work out just which slot machines do tend to get the most play time from slot machines, for there are so many of them available that players do tend to swap and change the fruit machines they are playing regularly.

However, what I would advise you to do if you do fancy playing any types of slot machines is to look out for the slots that come with the very highest pay-out percentages, and they should be at the very least slots that have been set to return over 96% of stakes fed into them and played through them over the long term and winning pay-outs.

That information is going to be displayed on the fruit machine either on their pay tables or on their help files or even on a casinos website, but make no mistake about it, a fruit machine that does have a high pay-out percentage and a bonus board feature game is going to pay you out more winnings form both its base game and its bonus board feature round over the long term.

Keep in mind though too that when you are lucky enough to trigger and be awarded with a  fruit machine bonus board based feature around you will never know just how much you can and will win when working your way around the bonus board, and by continuing to work your way up the board instead of collecting the winnings you had so far achieved you do sometimes risk losing those winnings too.


You only tend to find fruit machines in land based venues in places such as the UK and other European countries, so if you live in the U.S. for example you are only going to be able to play fruit machines when you set about playing them at either an online or mobile casino site or app as no land based casinos in the U.S.A will be offering you fruit machines on their gaming floors so do keep that in mind.


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