How Scatter Symbols Work

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 15, 2019
How Scatter Symbols Work September 15, 2019" September 15, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Scatter SymbolScatter symbols are found on an increasing number of slot machines these days, in fact if you play many different video slot games for example you will often find that they do boast a set of scatter symbols, however those symbols do not play and pay as other reel symbols attached to any slot machine.

What a scatter symbols will have been designed to do, is often to trigger some form of bonus game and/or award you with a certain number of coins based on the stake levels you are playing for, whenever a certain number of them have been spun into view.

As scatter symbols do not need to line up on any activated pay-line, it doesn’t matter how many pay-lines you have chosen to activate on he slot you are playing to trigger a bonus game or receive a winning pay-out, it is the number of scatter symbols that you spin into view that will determine whether a bonus game will be triggered and/or a cash pay-out will then be coming your way.

You are bound to end up playing several slots which do have scatter symbols attached to them so please read through this guide to discover which slots are worth playing which have such symbols attached to them and what you can win when you do spin in lots of scatter symbols too.

Lots of Slot Machines with Scatter Symbols

The easiest way to find out both whether a slot machines offers scatter symbols and finding out just what those scatter symbols will award you with when you are playing them is by looking at the pay table, for all different types of slot machines no matter how they have been designed with have a pay table attached to them, so always look through them to see just what you can win when playing any slot machine in any playing environment too.

As there is never any knowing in advance that you are going to win when playing slot machines having a well thought-out gambling strategy in place is what all players should do, and that will of course entail them setting aside a gambling budget and taking each spin so that they can afford to play on their chosen stake levels too.

Whilst most slot machines offer a bonus game triggered via a set of spun in scatter symbols, keep in mind that some slot machines have randomly awarded bonus games too, and when playing those types of slot you will never know just when a bonus game will be awarded to you or just how much it will pay you out until you have played the bonus game off.

Whilst you are going to find no shortages of slot machines that do offer different types of scatter symbols, and you will enjoy playing plenty of them I am sure of that, you should remember slot machines do have some low pay-out percentages but some slots have higher than average RTP’s too and it should be the latter types of slot games that you track down and get stuck into playing at all times.

One thing to factor into where you play slot machines online, is that those casinos that are licensed will be offering you completely fair slot machines, play at any sites that do not hold a gambling license then there is the chance you could play rigged slots, and believe me that is something you will never want to make the mistake of doing.

What Scatter Symbols Can Award Players With

I would advise you to first take a good look at the pay tables that all slot machines will have attached to them, as by doing so you can then take a look at just what if any scatter symbols are to be found on any slot game you may be about to or fancy getting stuck into playing.

There are however plenty of different things that a slot machine that do boast a set of scatter symbols will award you with whenever you have been lucky enough to have spin into view enough of those symbols.

The most commonly award features that players will and up with by spinning in three or more scatter symbols can be a set of free spins, a pick to win styled bonus game or even a wheel spinning based bonus game.

  1. Multiple of The Stake They are Playing For
  2. Set of Free Spins with Multiplier Values
  3. Pick and Win Styled Bonus Games
  4. Wheel Spinning Based Bonus Games
  5. Pick and Match Bonus Feature Rounds

One final thing to be aware of regarding slot machines that do offer a cash pay-out either a standalone one or in conjunction with a bonus game via a set of scatter symbols is that the more scatters you do end up spinning in the bigger and much higher valued the winning pay-outs can become.


There will be lots of new slot machines rolled out on gaming floors each week so if you do fancy playing a new slot machine you will always find plenty of them available which could offer any type of bonus games and slot machines can be found in many different places too.


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