Stacked Wild Symbols and How They Can Help You Win Big

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 15, 2020
Stacked Wild Symbols and How They Can Help You Win Big January 15, 2020" January 15, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

Stacked Wild SymbolsYou really should spend as much time as is required to learn more about some of the many weird and wonderful wild symbols that are to be found on the huge range of online slot games, for by doing so you will discover how those symbols and can often will help you win big.

Therefore what I am going to be doing today is taking a look at one type of wild symbol, that being a stacked wild symbol, and giving you an insight and overview of just what makes those symbols ones that can massively increase the value of winning pay-outs when playing slots that have them attached to their reels.

When you do set forth and get stuck into playing any slot machines that do have a set of stacked reel symbols, what you are going to find is that on one or more reels of those slots the wild symbols are placed one on top of each other.

Therefore, as you send the reels spinning on those slots it is possible to get an entire set of them spinning in on one or more reels. Obviously when playing such slots and slots with lots of pay-lines that you have activated and put into play, you will want to see as many wild symbols spinning into view as is possible.

Spinning in a Screenful of Wild Symbols

It will of course be the jackpot on any slot machine that you will be hoping to win, and it is often the case that wild symbols are the jackpot paying reel symbols on most slots so you should be tracking down slots to play that do have a huge number of them on offer.

One slot game that do have a huge number of wild symbols on its reels is the Football Star slot, which you can see being put through its paces above.

Now that that slot machine has is some very high stacked wild symbols on its middle three reels, in fact you will find it has a whopping 40 wild symbols on its reels.

As that slot also comes with a rolling reels playing structure too, those wild symbols due to just how high they are stacked on it middle three reels can help you form win after win after win, as the slot also comes with a 243 ways to win playing structure too.

Therefore, if you haven’t yet played a slot game that does come with stacked wild symbols, then I would encourage you to give that slot some play time, for you really are going to be very impressed with just how high paying it can be, and will like the way its stacked wild symbols do help you have the chance of winning big too.

Play Slot Games with Stacked Wild Symbols

Do take a look through our collection of free play slot machines as by doing so I just know that you are going to come across dozens of different slots that you will be very eager to get stuck into playing for no risk, many of which do boasts sets of stacked wild symbols.

One tip for playing such slots, is that when you some across any that offer both stacked wild symbols but also offer an optional pay-line playing structure and format, is that you really need to activate and put into play every single pay-line those slot games have on offer.

By doing so when and if that lucky day appears when you do spin in a screenful of wild symbols, then you are going to have every single way of forming a winning combination covered by having all of those pay-lines in live play and activated.

To make playing such slots with all pay-lines activated and put into play affordable, you should play around with the coin value settings and also configure the number of coins per pay-line you have in love play according to your available bankroll.

So always be prepared to set the stakes that you play any stacked wild symbol slot game for in such a way that you can put into play all of its pay-lines and also afford to play off plenty of base game spins too, as you could spin in a screenful of wild symbols on any spin you have chosen to play off.


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