Where are the Best Paying Slot Machines Located?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 16, 2019
Where are the Best Paying Slot Machines Located? September 16, 2019" September 16, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

slot machines in a casinoWhen visiting a land-based casino is it worth knowing that some of the slot machines that you will find dotted around the gaming floor will have been set with much higher pay-out percentages than other slot machines on those gaming floors.

This guide will be looking at just where those slot machines are located and why they have been set to return much better paybacks, so please do read on to discover which slots in such a casino will be worth tracking down and playing.

Unlike online casinos which give players generous slot game related bonuses, you will only access promotional offers in a  land based casino if you are a member of a players club or comp club scheme as they are known, so make sure you do sign up to those clubs to ensure you get the maximum rewards for your gaming action when visiting a casino venues.

There are other ways too that you can ensure that you get plenty of play time from your slot playing bankroll, in addition to playing the better paying slots, so do make sure you set yourself some staking and gambling limits based on the bankroll you are playing slot machines with.

How to Find the Slots with High RTP’s

As it will be the areas of a land based casino that will much more likely have the slot machines that have been set with the very highest possible pay-out percentages, then those are the places you should ideally be looking to play the slot games you do fancy playing.

As such when you are wandering around the gaming floor, look for where people are going to be accumulating, such as near the check in desks for the hotel attached to any casino, for when those check in desks are busy there will be long queues of people waiting to check in.

The buffet is an often very busy area of a casino, and once again if you notice some slot machines have been placed near the lines people have to wait in to access the buffet then it’s a fair bet those slot machines have been set with a higher pay-out percentages too.

All casinos are going to want to draw as much attention to the slot machines that do offer players the very best paybacks and pay-out percentages, and one way they can do that is by putting advertising material around them that will give slot players an idea do just how high the RTP’s have been set on those gaming machine.

So do also be on the lookout for any signs and notices that proudly proclaim the pay-out percentages on any slot machines, in fact, in some casinos there may be a bank or two of slots that have pay-out percentages in the very high nineties, and those are certainly going to be the slot machines players should always be making a beeline to play.

But never forget that even those a slot machine could for example be offering you a long term expected payout percentage of let’s say 99.00%, that doesn’t necessarily mean that when you play such slots for any length of time you are going to be achieving that RTP on that one session, as pay-out percentages do tend to bounce around all over the place as player play them.

As far as the pay-out percentages go on online and mobile slots, well unlike most land based casinos, the operators of those casino sites and apps that offer slot games go, they are not allowed and often never given the option of adjusting the pay-out percentages on their range of slot games.

So, you will find that slot games available at such sites and apps come with pay-out percentages that are set in stone and cannot be adjusted at any time, which is good to know of course.

Locate the Top Paying Slot Machines

You will find  very good mix of old slot machines and brand new slot machines no matter where you choose to play, and never get the impression that it will only be the newer slot machines that have much better and high pay-out percentages, as some of the older styled slots may also offer much higher than average RTP’s.

However, when it comes to you playing in a land based casino keep in mind that the operators of slot venues are always going to place slot machines that tend to pay-out more, were other players can see them and hear them paying out and below are the locations you should be looking or those much better paying slots.

  1. High Footfall Areas
  2. Near Elevators
  3. Opposite Check-In Desks
  4. Near the Play Club Kiosk
  5. Around the Casino Buffet

If you are unable to find any pointers though as to which slot machines have been set with the highest possible paybacks, then you will have to set forth and start playing a range of different slots, as often you can instantly discover by he way they play and pay if they have been set to pay-out more than other slot machines.

If you find a slot that is paying out more by spinning in lot of winning combinations or its bonus game or games appear to trigger more often then there is a very good chance that slot is one of the better paying ones in that casino.


You will find slot machines do tend to be the most played games in any casino and some slot machines are much more popular than others, but make no mistake about if you will need to learn how each slot machines work and operates long before you play them, so make sure you do read through as many of my other slot game guides as you possibly can do.


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