Recently Launched New Online Slot Game Designers

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 7, 2019
Recently Launched New Online Slot Game Designers November 7, 2019" November 7, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

online slot designYou are always going to find plenty of brand-new slot machines online, and there are several new design studios that have recently launched, and today I am going to be looking at some of those that have the most potential to be here for the long term and those offering plenty of unique slot games and slot machines too.

I you do however have a passion for slot machines and are ever to learn as much as you possibly can do about playing them and many other slot machine topics too such as where to sell slot machines or where to buy slot machines then I have some additional guides and articles on this very website that you really are going to find interesting and informative.

Some other topics I have covered in my blog posts include can you make living playing slot machines and what is the best time to win on slot machines, so please do feel free to have a good look around this website for there is much more than just slot game reviews.

A couple of extra articles that I have recently finished off and uploaded  onto this website that some of you out there may find interesting, are my is it legal to own a slot machine article and also one that is going to let you know why do some slots have fixed pay lines, as you are going to find some slot games and slot machines do now force you to have every single one of their pay-lines and ways to win in play on each and every single spin you play off.

Top Edge Games

Top Edge GamesWith hundreds if not now thousands of different companies designing their own unique range of slot machines, it can be difficult to keep track of those new design studios that have recently gone live, but one company that I would very strongly urge you to check out are Top Edge Games.

Want I have found very appealing, from a  san avid slot players point of view about their range of slot games, is that their built-in bonus features and main bonus games are where it is possible to win some very large amounts of cash, with some luck in playing of course.

Those bonus games and bonus games are like no others you will have seen or come across before, and as such you should set aside some time sooner rather than later to give some of their new range of slot machines a little bit of play time.

You will of course be very pleased to learn that the new slot games that have very recently been realised by Top Edge Games can be played via a demo mode version of each of them, so you can set about playing them in a no risk playing environment to see if you really do enjoy and like the way that they all play and pay.

TrueLab Games

TrueLab GamesMany slot players prefer using a digital currency as their preferred way of both funding their online and mobile casino accounts and making withdrawals from those accounts too.

In fact, many slot machine designers have designed a range of slot machines that can be played with cryptocurrencies too rather than them just having a fiat currency staking option, and there is a brand new slot game designer that has recently launched that is surely but surely bring out some cryptocurrency slot machines.

That company is TrueLab Games, and we have reviewed that company and will be showcasing to you their small but growing range of Bitcoin operated slot machines, so do check them out if you are looking to play slot machines using Bitcoin.

Wild Rose Games

Wild Rose GamesOne other new slot machine design studio that has recently gone live are Wild Rose Games, and you are going to find that they have released a small but highly playable range of different slot machines that are going to give you  very unique range of slot games that you may find very appealing.

Their slot machines not only look good but come with several different staking o9ptions, so above all else they are going to be suitable to low stake players and slot players that do enjoy playing or some much higher stake amounts too.

With some very fair and reasonable long term expected pay-out percentages on offer to players too, there is always going to be a good chance that you can have some extended slot playing sessions when playing Wild Rose Games slot machines online, and they are also fully compatible with mobile devices too. So, you can play them on a smart phone or play them on a tablet device if you prefer.


There is of course always going to be some huge profits to be made by operating slot machines, and that has led to a very large number of illegally operated land-based slot machines being found in different locations in many different countries of the world.

There are some gaming operations are state owned and as such you will only be able to play slot machines in some countries at casino sites that are operated by the government in your home country, but many people can play slot machines at online and mobile casino sites which have their servers based in other countries too.

But please do ensure that you always try and stick to playing at casino sites and on casino apps which have been issued with a license to operate in your home country, as that way you will always have the peace of mind in knowing if you do ever experience any problems playing, you will have the assistance of the license issuer who can help sort out any problems you may have when playing at such casino sites or mobile casino apps.


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