Is it Legal to Own a Slot Machine?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
Is it Legal to Own a Slot Machine? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Slot machine ownerThere are always going to be inherent risks associated with playing slot machines and fruit machines, for each one will have its own long term expected pay-out percentage and that will guarantee the owners and operators of any gaming machines will make a profit from each one over the long term.

But due to the way that slot and fruit machines have been designed, over the short term anything can happen, which does of course include the fact that some players can win and win big playing any slot machine that has taken their fancy.

Players will ultimately end up losing though when playing any slot game over the long term, and it could be the case that you fancy owning your own slot machine, as by doing so all of the money you put into the one you do decide to buy will be yours to keep, and many people do buy a slot machine and keep it somewhere in their own home.

Laws Differ in Different Towns, Cities and Countries

It will always be dependent on just where you happen to live and reside as to whether you are going to be allowed to buy and have a slot machines of your very own in your own home, so I would urge you to find out just which if any laws and regulations surrounding slot machines are in place in your own town or city.

There are some places of the world that you will never have any problems owning a slot machine, for example over in the USA in Las Vegas and Nevada the local gambling commission are more than happy for anyone wishing to own their very own slot machine to be able to do so.

Just keep in mind though that you are going to have to find someone to sell you a slot machine and the one that you buy should be in full working order, for you will not want to end up buying a slot machine that is faulty as getting one repaired can be very expensive.

Local slot machine distributors are where you should be looking to buy a slot machine from, for they will often give you guarantee on any slot machine you to go on to buy from them and will also possibly arrange for free delivery too.

Best Type of Slot Machines to Own

You will have your own personal preferences no doubt, when it comes to choosing just which slot machines you play, and that will mean that if you do want to buy a slot machine for your own personal use, then you should be actively looking for one that offers a theme, playing structure and format that you will enjoy.

There are lots of different categories of slot machines, some of the most basic ones however that will deliver a no nonsense and basic type of playing experience are three-reel slot machine and classic slot machines.

However if you are seeking out an all action and bonus game packed type of slot playing experience then look out for fruit machines or slot games that have multiple different bonus games and bonus features as there will be plenty of them that you can pick and choose from for sure.

Slot Machines for Personal Use

It is important to note however, that if you do intend to buy a slot machine for your own personal use, that you must not make that slot machine you end up buying available to other people in a real money playing environment.

Obviously anyone that visits your home is going to be intrigued by your slot machine and may be willing to play it, but at no time must you allow them to gamble for real with their own money, for if you do you will be breaking the law.

Some people own more than one slot machine, and there are many people that amass a very large collection do different types of slot machines and will often have lots of them dotted around their home or in their garages.

At the end of the day though keep in mind that you are going to be stuck with any slot machine you buy until of course you either dispose of it or sell it on, so always make a point of carefully choosing just which one you purchase and make sure it is designed in such a way that you will enjoy playing it and will never get bored to playing it.

Some Slot Machines Can Increase in Value

One final thing to keep in mind, is that whilst there are some slot machines that are not going to increase in value over any length of time, there are some slot machines that could increase in value, and that means it is possible to buy slot machines as an investment.

It will however be the much rarer and older styled slot machines that are going to increase in value, and as such if you can afford to buy a very old vintage slot machine then do consider doing so, for you never know over the years that slot machine may massively increase in value in respect to the price you originally paid for it.

The slot machines that do appear to keep their value and often increase in value are the older original mechanical type slot machines, those being the ones that were available in land base casinos many, many decades ago, however you are going to fund them in very short supply these days, but every now and then you may find a vintage slot machines being made available for sale on websites such as eBay or even in brick and mortar auction rooms too.


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