What is The Best Time to Win on Slot Machines?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
What is The Best Time to Win on Slot Machines? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

best time to win on slot machinesThere are a huge number of myths surrounding playing slot machines, so many in fact that I have decided to write a large number of different articles that will allow you to separate the truth from the fiction regarding playing slot machines in any venue, or even when playing them online or on your mobile devices too.

One thing that first time and novice slot players may be wondering at one point in time or another, is whether there are any good times to play slot machines to have more chance of winning, and whether there are any times of the day when playing slot machines could result in your losing more and more quickly too.

With that in mind please do read through the following guide, as you will find out when is the best time to play some slot machines, but you will also discover when the bad times to play slot machines are too, and as such you will be able to plan your slot playing activates much better once you do read through this guide.

Playing New Slot Machines in a Casino

When a casino has taken delivery of some new slot machines, they are of course going to be very eager to wheel out those slot game onto their gaming floor and get them earning money, and new slot machines are ones that most slot players will be very eager to get stuck into playing too.

You will always find  very large number of slot machines being launched throughout the year, but casino operators are going to want those brand new slot machines to be played by as many players as is possible and will want those players to play them time and time again too.

So, what a casino operator will tend to do when they do have a brand-new slot machine or any number of new slot games, is to increase the pay-out percentages on those new slots for a few days or a couple of weeks.

By doing so players will get much more play time when playing them and will experience more winning spins too, and then when the casino operators lowers the RTP down, players will remember their original session playing them when they did have a much higher RTP attached to them and will possibly play them again when they next visit a casino.

When You Should Not Play Progressive Slot Machines

There is a good time when you should play progressive slot machines, and it is going to be at the moment I n time that their progressive jackpots become overdue, so you will have to discover just when a slot machines tends to pay-out its jackpot to have some idea when it is due to pay out another one.

The longer established slot machines are of course going to have an average jackpot pay-out amount, and when playing such slots always keep that figure in mind, for a slot is much more likely to pay-out its progressive jackpot when it is overdue than when it has just been won and its value is much lower.

You are also going to find plenty of slot machines that have been designed in such a way that they may offer one or even more than one progressive jackpot but jackpots that are guaranteed to be won before they reach a certain value.

The top tip for playing those types of progressive slot games is to wait until their progressive jackpots are very close to their guaranteed pay-out amounts, for it isn’t going to be very long before such slots do pay-out those jackpots.

The Best Time to Play Some Slot Machines

As for when you should sit down to play slot machines, well as they are complete games of chance then any time you do want to play, if you can afford to play is a good time.

But do be aware that if you choose to play slot machines online or on a mobile device, then often at the much quieter times of the week, many such casinos and apps will be offering some overly generous bonuses and special promotional deals and offers to their customers.

So if you have the benefit of being able to choose to play slot machines at any time of the day or night and when it suits you to do so, then always be on the lookout for those casinos that are offering some overly generous bonus offers to their customers that are prepared do make a deposit can gamble at the quieter times of the week, and those bonuses can be huge valued ones at times.

Know When to Stop Playing and to Cash Out Your Winnings

It is important for real money slot players to always have in mind the very real fact that they can lose when playing slot machines, and if they carry on playing after a big win then it will be all too easy for those winning players to lose back what they have just won.

Therefore if you do want to play slot machines anywhere but for real money then please do always set yourself some limits, regarding how much you are prepared to lose and also have a few limits in place regarding if you win and how much of those winnings you should cash out and keep.

By setting yourself some limits when gambling and playing slot machines in general for real money then you are not going to experience the lows of playing slot machines, those being losing more money than you have initially intended to gamble with and possible lose.


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