Can You Make Living Playing Slot Machines?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
Can You Make Living Playing Slot Machines? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Professional Slot machine playerI want to try and answer as many different questions that you may have about playing slot machines in any playing environment, and that is why I have compiled a huge range of different articles and slot playing guides throughout this website, and continue to do so each week of the year too.

One question that you may have about playing slot machines, is whether it is possible for a player to make a living playing them, and if so, how does those players that may make a living out of playing slot machines do about doing just that.

Well, I have taken a good look at some so called professional slot players, and some other players that do make a living out of playing slot machines, and below will give you a deep insight into how they go about doing so, so please do read on to see just who they manage to do the almost impossible.

Social Media Influencers

When you visit websites such as YouTube these days, you will often find a number of video content creators using that website as a way of showing their own personals lot play that they have filmed either when playing slot machines in a  land based casinos or when playing online.

In fact, there are lots of other websites that offer live video streams of players playing slot machines, and it is worth noting that quite a number of those slot players will be earning a living from playing slot machines, but it can be hard work trying to make a living that way.

What they will be aiming to do with their slot videos is making them as interesting as is possible for the more viewers who do end up watching their videos will see them earning a commission from the advertisements that are show before, during and after their videos.

In fact, some slot players that film themselves playing slot machine will be paid by some casino sites and venues to review the new slot machines in offer in those sites and venues, which is another income stream of them of course.

Slot Cheats

There are of course some people out there that do not wish to play slot machines in the normal way, and will do whatever it takes to try and cheat and defraud slot machines, and slot machine cheats have of course been around as long as slot machines have been.

Over the years there have been a huge number of ways that those willing to cheat slot machines have been able to do so, and it has been very profitable for some of them over the years, but they do of course always run the risk of being caught and locked up for their crimes!

Some ways that people have cheated slot machines is by obtaining free credits on the slots they have been playing, such as basic scam which were possible on the older styled slot machines such as by attaching a coin to a length of string and simply getting free credits by inserting a coin into a slot machines coin slot and then pulling it back out when credits were added to the machine.

Some people managed to manipulate slot machines to pay out their jackpots by inserting their own software chips into the machines, and then some players found fault son slot machines that would enable them to win big whenever they wanted to.

Savvy Slot Players

Some savvy slot players look at playing slot machines as a military operation, and they are going to gain a very deep knowledge of every single slot machine they will play long before they ever set about spinning the slot game reels.

It will be those slot games that offer the very highest pay-out percentages that will be the most sought after slots by savvy slot players for by sticking to playing slots offering pay-out percentages as high as 99% or higher, over their long term play they will get much more play time and in return many more winning opportunities when playing slots with boats very, very high RTP’s.

Believe it or not there are quite a few online and now also mobile slot games that do offer pay-out percentages that high, but it will be down to you to track them down and get stuck into playing them of course.

The savviest of slot players will also look out for the most generous casino bonuses such as 100% or higher r deposit match bonuses that come with the very lowest of play through requirements and they will then use their bonus credits to play the slots which do boast the very highest pay-out percentages, to increase their chance of success when playing them.

The Risks of Playing Slot Machines

No one however is going to always win when they do play slot machines, for at the end of the day ultimately it is down to players strategies but also luck as to whether they are going to experience any number of ongoing winning slot playing sessions.

That is why it is very important to always set yourself some limits when you are thinking about playing slot machines in any playing environment.

The best limits to set are regarding loss limits and once you have spent up and lost your gambling budget for the day then you must stop playing, but also have in mind a winning goal, the more modest winning goal you set for yourself when playing slot machines the better the chance you will have of reaching that winning goal and being able to cash out winnings much more regularly than you ever would with an unachievable and high winning goal!


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