Inside Slot Machines Learn How Slot Games Are Designed

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 10, 2019
Inside Slot Machines Learn How Slot Games Are Designed September 10, 2019" September 10, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Inside a slot machineI am often asked how slot machines are designed and built, and with that in mind if you have often wondered just that yourself, then I am sure that you will find the following guide of great interest.

As you will see from below, there are quite a number of different aspects of a slot machine, many of which you may be blissfully unaware of, however each of them will ensure that when playing any type of slot machine you are going to have a fun and exciting time when playing.

Coin and Note Acceptors

Security of a slot machine is of course important, and therefore as many slot machines accept coins and all land-based slot machines accept banknotes the coin mechanism and note acceptors offer casino and slot machine operators the very highest levels of security.

When you do insert a coin or banknote into any slot machine it will have to pass several sensors before being accepted and credits awarded to you on the slot you are playing, if a coin or banknote fails any of the built in checks those sensors are programmed to detect they will be rejected and no credits will be obtained.

Reels and Video Displays

Three reeled and Classic slot machines do of course use the older type of stepper reels and they are an electro-mechanical type of device which will displayed each of the reel symbols upon them, those reel mechanisms are also packed full of sensors too to ensure that they symbols the random number generators has chosen spin in do indeed spin in.

An alarm will sound, and the slot machine will lock up if it has detected a reel or reels have not spun and stopped in the way it or they should have done, to ensure no malfunctions occurs on the reel mechanism.

Many slot machines however are classed as video slot machines and as such you will easily spot them as they will be using a video screen to display the reels upon, in fact many slot machines these days have more than one video screen attached to them.

Pay Table and Random Number Generator

Somewhere on each slot machine will be the pay table, and it will show players just what they stand to win when playing the slot and a full overview of each winning combination and its respective pay-outs will be displayed upon the pay table.

The older style three reel and classical slot machines will often have the pay table displayed on the top glass of the slot machine, but video slots will have a button that players must tap on to see the pay table displayed on the video screen.

Once a player has credits on a slot machine it is at the point in time that they then click onto the spin button that the random number generator will select a random outcome for that spin, and the result of that outcome, either a winning spin or a losing spin will then be spun in via either the stepper reels or video reels.

TITO or Coin and Note Pay-Out Systems

Winning is of course something all slot players are going to be very eager to do when playing any type of real money slot machine, and their credits and winnings will always be displayed somewhere upon the slot machine, usually via a credit meter.

When a player wishes to cash out their winnings they simply need to click onto the collect button and dependent on what pay-out system the slot game they are played has attached to it the machine will then dispense that players winnings and/or credits.

Many modern-day slot machines offer what is known as a TITO system, which is a ticket in ticket out system whereby a player’s winnings and /or credits are paid out by a redeemable ticket, but some slot machines do still pay-out coins and some even pay-out banknotes too.

When playing at either an online or mobile casino app site, all deposits and pay-outs are handled via a highly secure payment and banking interface that offers players and casino operators the very highest levels of protection and security.

Overview of the Design of Slot Machines

Below I have put together a quick glance guide and overview of the several different aspects of each slot machine you will come across.

  1. Coin and Note Acceptors
  2. Reels and Video Display
  3. Pay Table
  4. Random Number Generator
  5. Pay-Out System

It will often be the theme of a slot machine that will determine the sound effects and animations and graphics that are used in its design too, and  as such do ensure that you always turn on the activate the volume settings, as they can increase the amount of enjoyment and entertainment value when playing most slot games in any playing environment.


It is important that if you do intend to play slot machines, much more so at an online or mobile casino site that you find out which Gaming Commission or Gambling Authority is the one your home country of residence uses as the way of regulating and overseeing the day to day operation of such casino sites.

Once you do know which one it is then you should actively only ever play slot machines at those sites that Gambling Commission or Gaming Authority has issued licenses to, as that way you will be guaranteed of having access to fair and random slots.

Plus, int e unlikely event of you ever experiencing any problems when playing slot machines which could be anything from a slot machine malfunction to something much more series, then you will always be able to contact the casino site gambling license issuer and ask them to help get your problems full addressed and rectified, so do keep that in mind at all times.


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