The Best Slot Game Money Management Tips

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 10, 2019
The Best Slot Game Money Management Tips September 10, 2019" September 10, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

managing money at a slot machineI know that many slot machine players are going to be prepared to throw caution to the wind when they set about playing slot machines, however there are benefits to be had by every single slot player putting into place some well thought-out money management and staking strategies when playing their favourite slot games.

At the end of the day, playing slot machines in a real money playing environment is a form of gambling, and as such if you do not keep a sound and level head when playing, it can be possible to lose much more money than you may have initially set aside to play slot machines with.

Therefore, I do actively encourage you to read through this following guide which will give you a full and very deep insight into the best slot game money management tips that you can adopt and put into use when you do play slot machines either in a land based casino, online or via a mobile casino app for real money.

Choosing Your Slot Playing Bankroll

You can of course only play slot machines for real money if you have a bankroll at hand, and it is extremely important that you set aside an amount of cash that you can afford to lose, for let’s face it you are not going to win big each time you play slot machines in any playing environment.

You need to ensure though that you remove any temptation to continue playing when you have exhausted your bankroll, as you could end up losing way more than you have intended when playing slot games, so keep that fact at the forefront of your mind and only ever play with money that you can afford to lose.

Depositing and Withdrawal Options

When playing online or when using one of the state-of-the-art mobile casino apps, you will often find plenty of different deposit and withdrawal options are available to you, but some of them will see you incurring additional fees and charges.

Therefore make sure that the ones you select have no additional fees and charges attached to using them, and when playing in a  land based casino never use an ATM to access your bankroll if there are high fees for using them, as that way you will never lose any of the value of your bankroll to those pesky fees and charges.

Staking Each Spin to Perfection

The amount you wager per spin when playing slot machines is important, but always keep in mind that the lower you wager per spin based on your bankroll the more spins and play time you will then get out of your bankroll.

Loss Limits and Winning Goals

Try not to lose your entire bankroll when playing slot machines, always have a loss limit in mind and if things do not go your way when playing slots and by having a loss limit you will never lose more than you have initially intended to do.

By choosing a modest winning goal, which could be for example 100% of your starting balance you will often be amazed at just how often you do reach that goal, and if you do so then be prepared to cash out your winnings.

By getting into the habit of stopping playing once you have reached a winning goal you will have more winning sessions over the long term, and many players simply continue playing once they have won and risk losing back their winnings by doing so.

Bankroll Boosting Opportunities

One final thing to be aware of is that if you are offered any casino bonuses or additional promotional offers and deals there will always be terms and conditions that you must agree to and adhere too, so always read through them to determine if they are worth claiming or not, as not all bonuses and promotional deals offer slot players the maximum playing value.

Six Step Guide to Perfect Slot Game Money Management

As long as you always have in place a solid and very well throughout slot playing strategy and money management system and are prepared to stick to it then you will always know when to stop playing and lock in a winning profit too, or at the very least limit your losses to a reasonable and pre-determined amount.

  1. Set Aside an Affordable Bankroll
  2. Utilize Low Cost Payment Options
  3. Set Your Stakes According to Your Bankroll
  4. Ensure You Have a Strict Loss Limit
  5. Select a Reasonable Winning Goal
  6. Consider Using Promotional Offers and Deals

Many casinos also offer their players access to free to enter slot tournaments and other slot playing competitions, and if those tournaments and/or competitions offer real money prizes then with no entry fee required they are a great way to play real money slot machines at no risk but have the very real chance of winning some real money prizes of course, so do consider entering some of them.


As mentioned above it really can be beneficial for you to make an active point of choosing a low cost and fee free way to both deposit and make a withdrawal from any casino account you may hold.

With that in mind do consider using a debit card that is linked up to a bank account, as by doing so you will find there are rarely any fees or charges of using a debit card when either funding your casino account over an above the deposited amount, and cash out and withdrawals are often free too.

As you will have to adhere to some very strict know your customer legal requirements when you open a casino account at any site or via any app, do also ensure that you have copies of your own personal identification documents, to make that process as streamlines and as hassle free as is possible too.


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