Ultimate Slots RTP Database and Top 10 Highest Paying Slot Machines

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jun 3, 2019
Ultimate Slots RTP Database and Top 10 Highest Paying Slot Machines June 3, 2019" June 3, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Slot RTP and Slot MachinesIt is always worth spending some time doing your research when it comes to playing slot machines in any casino, whether that is a land based one, and online casino or one of the next generations of mobile casino sites.

There is no doubt in my mind that when you do start to take a look at the many different slots that are available to you these days, you are always going to be guaranteed of finding the ones that do appeal to you the most.

However, one vital piece of information that you should ensure that you discover, is the long term expected pay-out of each slot that you do like the look of and are thinking about playing, for you will never want to make the often made mistake by slot players, that being playing a range of different slots which have been set with a low set of paybacks!

The pay-out percentage is often and commonly referred to as the RTP, that simply means return to player, and you will find the RTP of most slots on the pay table or on the attached help files, both online and mobile slot games and slot machines have attached to them.

Ultimate Slots RTP Database

RTP values for Online Slots


If that information isn’t found on the pay table or on the help files, the casino may list them on its website, if they aren’t available there, and that information isn’t published anywhere, then you need to ask yourself why, and whether the slots available at those sites and apps have been set very low!

Obviously, it is going to take you quite some time to amass and arm yourself with the pay-out percentage information of any slot games you may fancy playing one day soon, and as such to save you a lot of time and effort this guide is going to be revealing to you the slot machines that have been set with the very highest pay-out percentages.

Just be aware that on each slot playing session you choose to have, the single session RTP you will achieve could be much lower or even much higher than the expected RTP of any slot game, however over your long term play you will find that you do start to get an overall pay-out percentage that is very near to the expected one.

99% RTP Mega Joker from NetEnt

Despite what you may think, not all slot machines and slot games that have been designed and then launched by NetEnt are going to be action packed, five video reel slots, for they have of course designed a handful of older styled three-reel slots.

However, one thing that is going to amaze you if you are an avid and regular slot player is just how very high the pay-out percentage has been set on their Mega Joker slot, for it is a slot which boasts one of the very highest RTP’s.

That pay-out percentage has of course been certified and independently verified, and it is one that will return to players, over the long term pay-out percentage of some 99%, and as such it is one of those slots that you should also be looking to play when you want the  maximum fun, entertainment and winning opportunities out of your bankroll.

Now being just a three reel slot machine, you may feel that it is going to be a rather boring slot to play, and whilst there is no doubt in my mind you will find it a rapid fire and very fast playing slot, it does come with a rather unusual bonus feature.

That bonus feature is a type of gamble game, and once you have spun in a base game winning pay-out you can either choose to collect the winning associated with that winning combination in which case those winnings will be added to your online or mobile casino account balance, or you can instead choose to take the gamble option.

By taking the gamble option you then get to play off another slot game, that being the one on which its three reels are located at the top of the slot game screen, and it is via that bonus game you then get the chance of winning come much higher valued winning pay-outs than are offered on the base game.

Whilst you may or may not enjoy playing three reel slots, the Meg Joker slot seriously is one that is worthy of all players attention, for you really are going to be very hard pressed to find a much higher paying slot and one that comes with such a huge long term expected pay-out percentage, so keep that in mind!

98.80% NetEnt’s Jackpot 6000 Slot

As you take a good long hard look through this listing of the slot machines and slot games that have the very highest possible pay-out percentages, you will find quite a number of them are from NetEnt, for it appears their slot game designers do know that players tend to make a beeline to play such slots, and are always going to be very eager to do so.

Another of their older slot games that you should be making a point of playing one day soon is their Jackpot 6000 slot game, for that slot comes with a certified long term RTP of a whopping 98.80%, and as such you should get a fair chunk of the stakes you wagers over the long term on that slot paid back out to you as winning pay-outs.

Much like the slot listed in first position up above though, that slot is another of NetEnt’s three reel slot games but it is one on which you do get the option of playing up to 5 pay-lines per spin, and to make it a very affordable slot for all slot players different bankrolls, it is a slot offering players lots of different staking options too.

To give players the option of winning big, even if they have only spun in a small valued winning pay-out, there is also a double or nothing type of gamble game on offer too.

That gamble game isn’t a very challenging one or complicated one to play off either, for all you are tasked with trying to do is to guess whether a coin will land heads up or tails up, and a correct guess will double the value of any spun in winning combination, an incorrect guess however will result in you losing that winning pay-out you gambled via that gamble game.

There is also a random cash pay-out that could be awarded to you when you pin in certain reel symbols, and as such you will not know in advance what the winning pay-out will be until it is revealed to you when you do spin in two of those special reel symbols which are displayed on the slot games pay table.

That slot is an idea one to play by the way when you are using bonus credits, for with such a high pay-out percentage there could always be the very real chance that you will achieve the play through requirements attached to any bonus you have claimed and may soon find yourself in a  position when you have a winning profit to cash out, however it will always be down to luck and luck alone whether you do win or win big when playing this higher paying slot, so do consider giving it a whirl one day soon!

98.00% Blood Suckers NetEnt Slot Game

As I did mention up above, NetEnt have fully mastered the true art of designing slot games that players do enjoy playing time and time again, and rest assured when you do set about playing any of their slot game online or via a touchscreen mobile device, you are going to find plenty of different ones available to you.

Some of their slot games do come with something of a horror type theme, and one such slot is their Blood Suckers slot, which as you have probably guessed with it being listed don this guide is a slot that does offer a very high set of paybacks and comes with an above average pay-out percentage too.

The Blood Suckers NetEnt slot is one that has been set to return to players 98.00% of their stakes over their long term play, and with its stunning sound effects and its animations and graphics that bring the slot game to life as you are playing it you really are going to find it a fun to play slot.

This is however a fully configurable five video reel slot, and as such when playing it you always do have the option of playing as little as one pay-line per spin or as many as twenty five pay-lines per spin too, and you can play it for low to high stake levels too.

The jackpot symbol on this slot are the wild symbols, and whenever you get five of them on any activated pay-line that you have put into live play you will be awarded with 7,500 coins per coin per lien you wagered, so you really could win big when playing more than one coin per line when all five wild symbols line up across the screen on an activated pay-line.

There are also two not one bonus games that you can trigger, the first is a spine-chilling type of pick and win bonus game, and the other one is a set of free spins.

However, what you do need to be aware of is that when you spin in just three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view a total of 10 free spins will be awarded to you as will also be awarded to you if you manage to spin in four or five of those symbols.

But the multiplier value is play for the duration of the free spin’s bonus game is a huge one, that being a x3 multiplier, and as such all winning combinations that you manage to form during the free spins bonus feature round will be tripled in value!

98.60% 1429 Uncharted Seas from Thunderkick

It is always good to see one of the much more recently launched slot game development companies making a very real effort to design their slot game sin such a way that players will find them appealing and will want to play them.

The best way that they can of course do just that is by designing their slots in such a way that they are going to return much more of slot players stakes as winning pay-outs over the long term, and with that in mind I would like to introduce to you the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot that is from a company called Thunderkick.

That slot has been built with plenty of bonus games and bonus features attached to it, but probably the best aspect of it, is that its long term expected pay-out percentage has been set very high at some 98/60%, and as such it is very deserving of a listing on this guide to the best paying online and mobile slot games.

As you may never have played any of the  Thunderkick range of slot machines and slot games before, you do need to be aware their range of online slot games are available as instant play slot games, and as such you are never forced or required to have to download any software to be able to access them, as they will launch had load into any web browser you are using.

If you do fancy playing one of the very latest all singing and all dancing action packed video slots today, then I think you are not going to go very far wrong playing the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot game which is both a free play slot and one that when you set about playing it for real money, does offer players plenty of low to high staking options too, so do keep your eyes peeled for this slot a you will enjoy playing it that I am confident of!

Just in case you are wondering about the playing structure and format of this slot it is a 25 pay-line slot on which those pay-lines are spread over five video reels, and you will also have the chance of triggering a set of free spins whenever you do set about playing it either for free or for real money too.

The number of free spins that can be awarded do you initially when you play this slot and trigger its free spins bonus game is dependent on how many scatter symbols you have spun into view, with 10 of them being awarded for spinning in just three scatter symbols and 20 and 50 free spins awarded for spinning in four or five scatter symbols respective, the slot also comes with a set of wild symbols too.

97.87% RTP the NextGen Starmania Slot

With a pay-out percentage set over the long term at 97.87% the Starmania slot is another one that you will possibly be very eager to play, and it is a bright and colourful looking slot and one which offers plays something of a rapid-fire type of slot playing experience.

It is however a five video reel slot and one which comes with more than enough real moneys taking options, and if you do ever want to give this NextGen Gaming designed slot game any amount of play time at no risk, there will also be a demo mode version available at the online or mobile casino site you have chosen o play at, if that site or app does have this slot on offer ofc course!

Now, what you will find on offer on this slot is a set of wild symbols that will stand in for all other reel symbols but with the exception of the bonus game awarding symbol, and those symbols only can ever be spun in on the middle three reels, those being reels two, three and four.

To give players the very real chance of winning big, no matter at what stake levels they choose to play the Starmania slot game for, a set of free spins can be awarded to them whenever three or more of its scatter symbols are spun into view anywhere across its screen.

This slot though is what I would describe as a fairly low variance slot and that is reflected in the jackpot which is paid for spinning in five of the Red and Gold Star symbols, that jackpot is valued at a modest 500 coins per coin you wager on the winning pay-line.

This is however another ideal slot to play with any bonus credits that you have been awarded from any online or mobile casino site for both the low variance design of this slot and its very high and above average pay-out percentage will always allow you to recycle your bankroll and/or your bonus credits plenty of times when playing it, But it is always important that you set the stake levels to one that you bankroll and gambling budget is going to be able to sustain for a large amount of base game spins!

97.80% Kings of Chicago Slot from NetEnt

The average pay-out percentage that most online and mobile slot games have been set to return to players I between ninety four and ninety six percent, and as such slots such as the Kings of Chicago slot with its 97.80% are the ones that you should always be aiming to play.

That slot is another five video reel slot on which you can have hours of fun, if of course everything does fall into place when playing it, and being both a low and high stake slot it is one that should see you being able to play it for an affordable stake too.

It comes with its own unique bonus game, and it is via the bonus game which is a set of free spins that some truly huge winning pay-outs could be coming you way, however there is never any knowing just what you will win when you trigger that feature until your very last free spin has been played off, so do be on the lookout of this slot which is yet another high paying ones from NetEnt.

97.60% NetEnt’s Devils Delight Slot Game

You have full control when playing the Devil’s Delight slot which is another NetEnt designed slot machine on which you will find an above average pay-out percentage, but it has been designed as a 20 optional pay-line slot, so do try and put all of those pay-lines into play when playing it to have the maximum winning chances.

The pay-out percentage on offer over the long term on the Devils Delight slot is 97.60%, but it comes with a medium to high variance, and as such you could experience some high paying slot playing sessions when playing it, but keep your stakes to modest amounts, just in case things do not go your way when playing it.

As for whether that slot is one you will enjoy playing, well admittedly it is not one of the very least all singing and all dancing video slots, and as such the graphics and animations along with the sound effects are quite basic, but all in all whenever I have set about playing it I have found it to be a fun slot to play and one that does come with its own unique type of bonus game too.

97.50% Simsalabim NetEnt Slot

The Simsalabim slot is one on which you are going to be facing playing a Magic themed slot, which may just appeal to some of you out there, and if it does then you will be pleased to hear that this is yet another NetEnt slot game on which a high pay-out percentage awaits you.

The RTP is certified and published as being a high 97.50% and as such you are going to have plenty of winning spins, however it is also a slot on which bonus games can be triggered, and it is via those bonus games as always, that some of the much juicer and higher valued winning pay-outs can be achieved.

You will have no other choice that putting into play all of this slot games 25 pay-lines, for it is a fixed pay-line slot, but that will mean you will never miss out on a  winning spin whenever you send its reels spinning.

Free spins are what this slot offers by way of its main bonus game and three, four or all five of the scatter symbols that trigger that bonus game spinning in will see you then playing off 10, 20 and 30 free spins respectively on x3 multipliers.

97.50% Microgaming Retro Reels Extreme Heat Slot

Another slot game that has a long term expected pay-out percentage set nice and high at 97.50% is the Retro Reels Extreme Heat slot, which in case you are wondering is a slot that has been launched by Microgaming, who certainly know a thing or two about designing high paying slots!

On the face of it that slot game looks like most other 20 pay-line slots, however as soon as you start to play it online or on a mobile device, you are going to notice that before you click onto the spin button to send its five video reels spinning, you will be offered something not many other slot games offer.

That is the option of spinning just one single reel instead of all five of them, and the cost of spinning one reel as opposed to all five will be displayed underneath each reel.

The cost of the single reel spin will ultimately be determined by the odds on you forming one or more winning combinations when it has been spun and then stops, or on your chances of spinning in the required scatter symbol, if you have two already in view on the reel that will then mark the arrival of its bonus feature round.

As for just what that bonus feature round is, well it is a set of free spins, however the more scatter symbols that trigger that bonus game the higher in number the amount of free spins you will then get to play off.

The lowest number of free spins you can be awarded is 10 of them which awards 10 free spins, a total of 15 initial free spins are awarded for spinning in four of those scatter symbols anywhere in view and 20 of them will be coming your way if you get one scatter symbol spinning in anywhere on all five reels.

As you have probably come to expect from playing free spins awarding video slots, there is a multiplier that comes into live play for the duration of that free spin’s bonus feature, and as such all winning combinations will be doubled during it.

As for what you could end up winning when playing Microgaming’s Retro Reels slot game, well the maximum pay-out that is possible when you do trigger its bonus game, which is the highest paying part of this slot is a total of some 440,000 coins.

97.10% Jack Hammer 2 Slot from NetEnt

When it comes to playing slot machines that do offer a very large number of pay-lines, the Jack Hammer 2 slot does indeed do so, for on each base game spin that you choose to play off on that slot you are going to have a total of 99 pay-lines in live play.

However, to make that cost effective, you are only going to be charged 50 coins per spin or an increment of 50 coins if you wish to play for higher stakes, and itis also a slot on which you can also increase the coin value settings which for reference start at just 0.01.

There is of course a high pay-out percentage on the Jack Hammer 2 slot game with that slot being listed on this guide of the slot machines with the highest RTP’s, and that pay-out percentage has been certified and verified as being 97.10%,

Being the second slot in the Jack Hammer series and being a slot that has been designed and developed by the industry leading casino game designer, that being NetEnt, it is of course a slot that has several unique features and bonus games on offer.

The maximum winning pay-out from any one single spin played off is a whopping 990,000 coins, which is going to be achieved via its main bonus game and when playing this slot players benefit from its Sticky Win feature and could trigger a set of free spins too, and a set of random wild symbols can also come into play as it is being played too.

As for just where you can play the high paying Jack Hammer 2 slot game, well many online and mobile casino sites do have it on offer to players, and it is a slot on which you do have the option of playing it for free or for real money.

To help you make up your own mind as to whether it is going to be a slot worthy of your real money gaming action, I would advice you to give it some play time initially via its demo mode version of the game.

By doing so you will then see just how its Sticky Win feature plays off, and many also get to trigger the exciting and potentially high paying free spins bonus game and may also see plenty of random wild symbols being added to the slot game screen too.


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