What are Expanding Reel Symbols?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 15, 2019
What are Expanding Reel Symbols? September 15, 2019" September 15, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

slot machine expanding reelsYou are often going to feel like you are going on a  very sharp and never ending learning curve when you start playing slot machines online, for with thousands upon thousands of different slots available each of them will often be offering you a new type of playing structure, format or even unique bonus games and bonus features too.

However, it can be and often is a unique range of reel symbols that you will come cross when playing slot machines and slot games online that could have you scratching your head, regarding how those reel symbols play and pay and operate too.

Take for example expanding reel symbols, whilst not all slot machines have such reel symbols attached to their reels, more and more of them do and what you will find happening when you pin in any number of those reel symbols on any reels, they will then expand in size.

By expanding in size they will then cover the entire reel or reels that they have spun in on with the same type of symbols, and if those symbols happen to be wild symbols there is a very good chance of you winnings some mega amounts of cash when you spin in multiple expanding wild symbols.

Slot Machines with Expanding Reel Symbols

The only thing that is going to ensure you can play expanding reel symbol slot machine is if you have a gambling budget, and whilst you could win when playing such slot machines you could lose too, so make sure that you have a good slot machine money management system and strategy in place and always stick to your bankroll at all times too.

Expanding wild symbols are going to be the ones that you will want to see spinning in as often as possible, for the more of those types of symbols that do spin in the much greater your chances will then be of winning big, but each slot machine is designed differently and some slots could for example come with expanding wild symbols that have multiplier values attached to those wild symbols too.

It will not only be expanding reel symbols that you will find attached to some slot machines in any playing environment, for many slots also have bonus games some of those bonus games can be triggered at random, and some of them also could award you with a progressive jackpot as you are playing off those randomly awarded bonus games too.

If you experience a few losing slot playing sessions when playing slot machines that do have any form of expanding reel symbols, you may think you are playing rigged slots and slots that have been designed never to pay-out, but by sticking to playing slots only at licensed casinos then you will always have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning.

One final thing to keep in mind to ensure that when playing slots with any type or category of expanding reel symbols, is to ensure you play the slots with the best pay-out percentages, playing slots that offer low paybacks and pay-out percentages will not see you getting plenty of play time out of your bankroll, so always keep that fact in your mind when choosing a slot machine to play.

Slot Machine Categories Offering Expanding Reel Symbols

Do not be under the impression that it is only going to be a certain type of slot machine on which you will find expanding reel symbols, for you will find a huge range of different types of slot machines that may just have such symbols attached to their reels.

I do however think that for you to have some fun and very exiting slot playing sessions that you should consider playing video slot games or fruit machines that have expanding reel symbols attached to their reels.

I say that due to the simple fact those types of slot games and slot machines will additionally offer all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features too that will ensure you get plenty of entertainment and excitement value out of your bankroll.

  1. Fruit Machines
  2. Video Slot Games
  3. Classic Slot Machines
  4. Three Reel Slot Machines
  5. Progressive Slot Machines

To enable you to see just which types of slot machines you enjoy playing the most but also the ones that you can initially play for free I would urge you to make use of any of our massive and always expanding range of demo mode free play slots, so make sure you do play as many of those no risk slot games as you can do.


There are lots of different slot playing environments these days, but not matter where or when you choose to play them make sure the venue or site at which you play at does hold a full and valid gambling license, to ensure you are always accessing certified fair and random slot machines.


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