The Best Paying Big Time Gaming Slots

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 22, 2019
The Best Paying Big Time Gaming Slots November 22, 2019" November 22, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Big Time GamingWith Big Time Gaming slots being right at the top of many players list of slot games they enjoy playing, you will possibly fancy giving some of them a try yourself, and if do those listed below are the ones that you should be playing.

The RTP’s of the Big Time Gaming slots that you can see listed below are their long term expected ones, so you could of course achieve a much lower or higher one when playing any one single session on any of those slots.

How to find the Best Big Time Gaming RTP Slots

One of the main benefits of visiting this website, is of course that you are going to have the ability of playing slot games form many different software and game providers, and can play them for free and at no risk to help you determine just which slots you may just enjoy playing for real money, when you are good and ready too.

However, apart from the themes, playing structures and bonus games and bonus features, there is something else that will make some of those slot machines much more attractive to you as a player, and that is their long term expected pay-out percentages.

The higher the RTP of any slot machines the better, and as such this particular slot machine playing guide is going to list the Big Time Gaming slot machines which have been designed to pay-out more to players over the long term, those being their range of slots that do come with the highest possible pay-out percentages.

So please do read on and then the next time you are logged into any online or mobile casino site that offers the range of Big Time Gaming slot machines, make sure that you stick to playing only those slot games that do have much higher RTP’s, as that way you will get more winning pay-outs over the long term by playing those slot games rather than risk playing slots with a much lower set of paybacks.

If you have any other slot machine related questions such as which slots have the most reel symbols or you want to learn more about linked reel symbols or find out just what are colossal reel symbols then you will have all of those questions answered on my slot playing guides.

Those guides and my additional slot playing articles will also answer all manner of other questions and as such do take a look at my stacked reel symbols explained and how do random wild reel symbols operate and how do wild symbols work articles too to expand your knowledge of playing slot machines in any playing environment.

Big Time Gaming Slot RTP’s

The RTP’s on some of the slot games from Big Time Gaming are slightly above average and as such those are without a shadow of a doubt the ones that you should be playing, and one that does have a higher than average pay-out percentage is the Queen of Riches slot which has been designed to return to players over the long term 96.9% of their stake money as winning pay-outs.

Big Time Gaming Slots RTP

    Three slots which all have pay-out percentages of 96.30% and are therefore also worth playing include the Feathered Frenzy, Gold and Vegas Dreams slots, then you have slots such as both the Faeries Fortune and Starquest slot games on which you will find RTP’s of some 96.2%.

    I would also consider getting stuck into playing slots such as Bonanza, Temple Quest and Viking Quest, for you should get a fair chance of winning when playing any of those slot games thanks in n0o small part to their respective pay-out percentages having all been set at some 96.00%.

    If you are looking for a slot game to play online or on your mobile phone that comes with a mythical type of theme, then I am more than confident that you will have plenty of thrills and spills playing the Dragon Born slot. As for just what RTP that slot game has been set to return to players, well its RTP has been certified as being a respectable 95.00%.

    Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Big Time Gaming Slots

    Try not to get too carried away when playing Big Time Gaming slot games, for there are of course going to be so many of them available to you, each of which will either be low or high or even medium variance slots, you will be best advised to select one that suit your own personal playing style.

    Their range of slots that are going to award you with plenty of winning pay-outs and plenty of bonus games too, are going to be the low variance ones, but keep in mind the pay-outs you will be spinning in on those slots tend to be lower in value than for example the high variance slots.

    But playing high variance slots is a risky business so one tip for playing those slot games is to set about playing them for low stakes for it is quite possible to win some huge amounts of cash when you do play them for low stakes.

    Also, consider bagging some to be high valued deposit bonuses that our featured range of casinos that offer their range of slot games, as they tend to be bonuses that come with the most favourable terms and conditions that will always give you  fair chance of winning when you claim and then make use of their respective bonuses.

    It is also going to be beneficial for you to pick a casino to play Big Time Gaming slots that is best known for having a generous comp club scheme too, for thanks to the high pay-out percentages attached to many of their slot game you will be amazed at just how quickly you will accumulate comp points when playing t those casino sites.

    But at the end of the day the only way that you are going to achieve some much longer slot playing sessions and will have plenty of winning opportunities is to make a note of those slot game listed up above that do have higher than average pay-out percentages, as those RTP’s being as high as they are will ensure you get more winning spins over your long term play, so do keep that in mind at all times.


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