How do Random Wild Reel Symbols Operate?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 18, 2019
How do Random Wild Reel Symbols Operate? September 18, 2019" September 18, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Random Wild Reel SymbolRandom wild symbols could suddenly be added to the reels of any slot machines that you are playing either via a base game spin and often when you are playing off a set of free spins too, and as such whenever you do get such reel symbols being added to the reels of any slot you are playing you could form lots of extra winning combinations.

However, as there is no real way of knowing in advance if any random wild symbols will be added to the reels of the slot machine you a re playing, slot games that do offer them can at times be very frustrating slot games to play, much more so if now random wild symbols are being added to the screen.

But being completely random slots games in their design there is of course always going to be the chance that you could be awarded with a lot of randomly added wild symbols when playing such slots, and that will then turn your frustration into excitement.

Please do spend a little bit of time reading through this guide then I openly invite you to give some of the many free play no risk demo mode slots offering random wild symbols a try which you can do directly from this website.

But do make a point playing many different slots as that way you can then determine just which of them you have played for free will be ones that you will then enjoy playing for real money later.

Playing Random Wild Reel Symbol Slots

I do feel that if you are prepared to play some higher variance slot machines, you are certainly going to find them very exciting slots to play, but much like most other slot you will find plenty of low stake playing options as well as high stake playing options attached to those types of slot games too.

But when you start playing slots that do have a high risk type of playing structure and format there is always going to be the very real chance you could bust out your slot playing bankroll very quickly, and as such playing those types of slots will call for a very strict and robust slot playing money management system to be put into place by you.

There are some slot machines that are worth playing however than come with a unique type of bonus game on the base game of those slots, and two that instantly spring to mind are the Immortal Romance slot as the Thunderstruck II slot game too.

What those slots game both offer as well as offering you the chance of triggering a set of free spins is a base game feature known as a random wild feature, and boy are you going to be hoping you are awarded with those random wild reels features as often as you possibly can do.

The way in which they work and how they can deliver some mega sized winning pay-outs is that when you click into the spin button the random wilds reel feature could then be awarded to you, which will then see you sitting there waiting to see just how many reels are going to be turned completely wild.

The downside of such a base game bonus feature however is that you may find the slot selects just one or two reels to be turned completely wild, and when that happens you are not guaranteed to win via that bonus feature.

However, if you are ever lucky enough to get three, four or even all five reels turning wild there is then the potential of you to win big via such a base game slot machines bonus feature.

If you get all five reels turning wild then you are in line for a hug valued winning pay-out, due to the fact that both of those two slot machines are designed as 243 ways to win slots and by getting all five reels then turning wild you will be guaranteed of then forming on that wild reels spinning in 243 jackpot paying winning combinations forming.

But as those features are completely wild there is no way in the world to predict when they are going to be triggered and awarded to you and it could take you a huge number of base game spins before you are lucky enough to be awarded with that feature, and there is no way of telling when you do just how many of the reels will then go on to be selected to be turned into wild reels, which is why those two slots can be very exciting ones to play, based on their respective wild reels bonus features.

Many Other Unique Reel Symbols

Keep in mind too that you are always going to have plenty of ways of forming additional winning combinations when there are lots of wild symbols attached to any slot machines reels and there are also lots of other very unique reel symbols too as you can see below.

  1. Wild Symbols
  2. Split Symbols
  3. Scatter Symbols
  4. Bonus Symbols
  5. Mystery Symbols

Feel free to give some of our many free play slot games some play time as that way you will be able to see all manner of unique reel symbols in play on the reels of those slots, many of which you may fancy playing for real money.


You can win all manner of things when playing slot machines in any playing environment and not just cash, but do make sure that you are always getting the maximum rewards for your real money slot playing action at any casinos you do play at.


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