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Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 18, 2019
Learn More about Linked Reel Symbols September 18, 2019" September 18, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Linked ReelsI do enjoy playing slot machines, but I do tend to look out for the very latest brand-new slot machines to go live online and on mobile casino apps too, for by playing those much newer slot machines I am likely to find plenty of unique features.

If that is something that you do also like doing too, then be aware that recently a small number of slot machines have recently been launched which are going to give players the chance of spinning in the same reel symbols in the same reel positions on two or more reels on every single spin they play off.

That is something that you will find being offered to you if and when you set about playing any of the new slot machines on which there is a set of linked reel symbols in play due to the new playing structures and formats attached dot those new slot machines.

I have put together this guide to give you food and very deep insight into why those slot machines are getting a lot of play time and attention form slot players so please do read on for I do feel there is a very good chance you will enjoy playing those slot games when you do come across them.

You should also keep in mind that you are also going to be able to play plenty of those types of slot machines and plenty of other too directly from this website at no risk what so ever, so make sure that you do give some of them a whirl right now.

Slot Games with Linked Reel Symbols

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking out high stake slot machines or slot machines that can be played for low stakes instead, what you will ultimately want to have when playing is the maximum chances of winning and plenty of fun as you are playing too.

You may be the type of slot player that does love nothing more than playing old slot machines or only ever play some to the very latest and best new slot machines, but at the end of the day it will often be the built in unique bonus games and bonus features on offer on any slot machine that will determine just what type of playing experience you ultimately have when playing.

There are some new slot machines however that have a very unique base game feature and that type o bonus feature is called a Linked Reels feature and then playing those types of slots they rarely have any additional bonus games that can be triggered when you are playing them.

However, do not be put off playing such a slot for by playing a Linked Reels slot what you are going to find happens whenever you have spun in one single base game spin is that the slot machine will then randomly pick two reels to have as linked reels.

What those two reels are then going to do is to spin and stop in such a way that they will both end up having the exact same reel symbols in the same reel potions on the in view reel positions, which could help you form a large number of winning combinations if other matching symbols then spin in on activated pay-lines on the other reels of those slots.

But, what those Linked Reels slot machines may do instead of selecting just two reels to have matching reel symbols spin in on the same reel positions is select three, four or even five reels to have the same reel symbols in the same reel positions on each reel.

When that happens then there is a very good chance that you could in multiple times, and if the slot also picks out the higher paying reel symbols to spin in then you will have formed some high paying winning combinations too.

At the end of the day though, any Linked Reels slot machine is going to take some getting used to thanks in no small part to that unique way they work and operate.

So please do consider playing come of those slot machines directly from our website via the free play demo mode versions of those slots, as that way you can play them for free whilst you are getting used to the very unique way that they do play and pay, and can determined first-hand whether they are slots worth playing later for real money too.

Other Unique Slot Game Playing Structures

When you have some spare time do checkout some of my other guides that will let you know of some other ways that slot machines have been structured and designed, such as the slots highlighted below.

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You will of course also be able to play slot machines of any type on this very website as each of our slot games are loaded up via the demo mode variants of slots those so you can play them without spending a penny.


Please do ensure that you always gamble responsibly when playing slot machines, and keep in mind that you can have plenty of fun playing slot machines from our website for free so you do not need to play for real money if you cannot afford to do so.


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