What Slot Gamble Game is the Most Exciting?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
What Slot Gamble Game is the Most Exciting? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

card based gamble feature in slotsWhen you spin in a winning combination on some slot machines you may then be offered something known as an optional gamble game, and it is via that gamble game that you will then have the chance of increasing the value of your spun in winning pay-out by playing off that gamble game.

If you do play a slot offering a gamble feature or optional gamble game then be aware that you are never going to be forced to have to make use of it, for by pressing the collect button the winnings you just achieved will be added to your credit meter or bank meter and you can carry on playing that slot as normal.

Now, one thing to be aware of is that over the years there have been lot of different gamble features designed, and whilst some of them can be a tad boring to play off repeatedly, some of them do offer a completely new way of playing off the gamble game option.

With that in mind below you are going to find some of the most exciting to play off gamble games that are available on plenty of different slot machines, so please do read on as you are bound to find some of them to your liking for sure.

Playing Card Based Gamble Game

The most commonly available slot machines gamble game feature is one which is based around one single deck of cards, and when you opt to take the gamble feature you have six different options as for how you play off that gamble game.

You will be offered a 50/50 gamble game option when taking this type of gamble game feature and by doing so you will have to try and guess whether the very next playing card that will be dealt out to you on the screen will be a black one or a red one.

If you pick red for example and the colour of the next card is black then you will have lost your base game winning pay-out, but if you select red and the very next card is a red one then your winning pay-out will be doubled in value.

For a much higher risk type of gamble game option, you will also have the ability instead of picking the colour of the next card to try and correctly predict the suit of the next card dealt out, and a correct guess will see your base game winning pay-out being quadrupled in value.

Coin Tossing Gamble Game

It will be ion some of the next generation of 3D slot machines such as those that have been launched over the last few years by Betsoft Gaming for example that you are going to find a very graphically enhanced type of gamble game and one that many players do enjoy playing off.

That will be a coin tossing gamble game, and as such as there are only two sides of a coin that can be tossed in, that being heads or tails there will be a 50/50 of success when playing off such a gamble game on any slot offering one.

You simply need to determine whether you do want to play off that gamble game whenever a winnings pin has been spun in on the slot you are playing, and you do that by simply clicking onto the gamble button.

You then have to select either heads of tails and the screen fully animated character will then toss a coin and if you selected the right side your winning pay-out will be doubled, and you can keep on gambling until either you lose or you win the maximum pay-out possible via that gamble game feature.

Gamble Ladder Gamble Feature

It will often be on fruit machines that you are going to find a gamble ladder type of gamble feature, and the aim of any slot player when taking that gamble feature is to make it as high up that gamble ladder as they are prepared to go as that is where the much higher valued winning pay-outs can be achieved.

When you spin in a winning combination on a fruit machine offered this type of gamble feature the win value will light up on the ladder that you have just won and below it will be a lower valued pay-out or a lose type of message and then above it will be a higher valued pay-out amount.

That higher and low valued winning pay-out will flash quickly from one to the other, and then you are going to have to click onto the gamble button in the hope you do so when the higher valued pay-out is illuminated.

That type of gamble game can be a tad irritating to play off though for you could keep on losing or turning a high valued winning pay-out into a much smaller one, but with some luck in playing you may just win big when playing it off.

Wheel Spinning Bonus Gamble Game

One final type of slot machines gamble game feature is a wheel spinning on and when you find a slot offering such a bonus game you may also be given the option of just gambling a small percentage of your base game winning pay-outs value.

You may also be given the chance of adding more winning segments to the bonus wheel but the pay-out odds you will be offered if the wheel stops facing the win arrow with that winning segment opposite it if you do so, but these can be fun to play off bonus games as long as you do not get too carried away when you choose to take that gamble feature option.


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