How Often are New Slot Machines Launched?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 16, 2019
How Often are New Slot Machines Launched? September 16, 2019" September 16, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

new slot machine arriving at a casinoThe beauty of playing slot machines is that you could always win big when playing and being random you never will know in advance whether the next slot playing session you have will be a winning one or one which you lose on.

You can of course play slot machines for pennies or play high rolling slot machines instead, and it will be down to your own personal preferences whether you do decide to play for low or high stakes but make no mistake about it you are going to find a huge number do different types and categories of slot machines no matter where you do end up playing.

But as many new slot machines are launched throughout the week, month and year at many casino sites, venues and apps, you may fancy getting stuck into playing any of those new slot machines that you will come across, but one question you may have is how often are new slot games launched.

With that in mind the following guide should give you a  very good overview of just where you are going to find the most new slot machines based on you playing in land based, online or even at mobile casino sites, so please read this guide through to ensure you always do have access to the very latest all signing and all dancing slot machines.

Accessing and Playing New Slot Machines

If you are a land based slot machine player, then the larger casinos are always going to be the ones that are going to have the most brand-new slot machines on offer to you, and as such those are the casinos that you should be aiming to visit, if new slots are what you are looking to play.

But having said that you will find some of the smaller but much better run casinos will often wheel out some new slot machines to their gaming floors from time to time, but nowhere near as many as some of the largest casino venues will be wheeling out.

Online and mobile casinos are going to be the best sites and apps to use and play at and on if you are an avid slot player however, who likes nothing more than playing a huge and ever rising number of new slot machines.

But something to keep in mind is that some casinos will only offer one slot providers range of slot machines and as such you are only going to find one or two new slot machines per month going live at those casinos.

It will be the casinos that use multiple different providers slot machines that you are going to find the most brand new slot machines at, and some of those casinos will have over a dozen new slots going live each month, so do keep that in mind.

Now, regarding new slot machines that do tend to get wheel out onto a land-based casinos gaming flor it can be and often is the case that the casino management team will want to get as many players playing new slots as they possibly can do.

One way that they will try and achieve just that is by slightly increasing the pay-out percentages attached to their new slot machines for a short period of time whilst those slot machines are new, as that will see players getting more play time out of their bankroll whilst new slots are bedding in so to speak.

But they will then reduce the pay-out percentages on their new slots after way week or two, that is something they can legally do, so if you have set about playing  new slot machine and found that it does pay-out well, then keep in mind that slot machine will not then go on to award some high winning pay-outs via its higher RTP for very long, as the pay-out percentages on such slots will be reduced sooner rather than later.

Online and mobile casinos however may stir up interest in their new slot games by awarding players more comp points if they play them or may even award their loyal and regularly customers with free spins which they can play their new slot machines with, and can keep any winnings they achieve, as per the terms and conditions of those types of promotional offers.

New Slot Machine Features

Never stick to playing the older styled slot machines that you will find available at all casinos, for there is a lot of be said about the brand-new slot machines that many casinos are now rolling out on their gaming floors and adding to their online and mobile casino gaming platforms too.

The list below will give you some ideas of the many additional extras that most if not all new slot machines will be offering you and they will certainly take your slot playing to a new level when you do play any new slot machines.

  1. All Pays Playing Structures
  2. Random Progressive Jackpots
  3. Multiple Built-in Bonus Games
  4. Unique Bonus Features
  5. 3D Graphics and Animations
  6. Surround Sounds

Just ensure that you make a note of how each new slot machine plays and pays and that is something you will instantly be able to find out by the way by reading through the game play rules attached to any slot machine or by you simply taking a look at the pay table attached to all slot machines too.


There are plenty of brand new and very exciting to play slot machines these days and all casino sites, venues and apps will offer slot players some impressive looking slot machines, so do consider playing some of those new slots when you come across them.


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