How to Read a Slot Machine Pay Table

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
How to Read a Slot Machine Pay Table July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

slot paytableToday, I want to take a look at one of the most important parts of any slot machine, it is not its theme or the reels, it is in fact the pay table, for every single slot game you will come across in any playing environment is going to have a pay table attached to it.

On the order styled classic slots of which you will still find loads of them available and often on three reel slots and fruit machines too, you are going to see a pay table on the glass of the machine, however when you come across video slots for example you will notice there is a pay table button somewhere on those ever popular slot machines that will need to be clicked.

When you do so, you are then going to see every single winning combination that can be formed on each individual slot machine, and it will also give you an insight into what bonus games and bonus features are attached to that slot machine too.

Keep in mind also, that the RTP of each slot machine, could also be printed on the pay table, but as you will discover below the expected RTP is on any slot machine that you like the look of and may be thinking of playing. Could be located somewhere else instead.

Low Risk Slot Machines

Some slot machines will have been designed as fairly low risk slot games, and they are collectively known as low variance slots.

What that means is that due to the way low variance slot machines have been designed and built is such that when playing them you are going to have lots of winning combinations spinning in very regularly, however they will tend to be very low paying ones.

As such if you do spot a slot machine and on its pay table there are lots of low valued winning combinations displayed and the slot also have a low valued jackpot, then there is a very good chance that slot is a low variance and low risk slot to play.

Hunting Down the RTP of Slot Machines

Each slot machine that you will come across when you step foot inside a land based casino, or opt to play instead at an online casino site or even when making sue of a mobile casino or mobile slot app is going to be designed and themed in a  different way.

One part of each slot that is bound to be different however is its pay-out percentage, and you should always try and look up whether any slot machines you have taken a shine to and like the look of and may be about to play come with a  high or low or even a mdi ranged RTP.

The slots I would urge you to play are those that have pay-out percentages of 97% or higher, as that way over the long term you should get a large percentage of your overall stake money back as winning pay-outs.

I you cannot find the RTP of any slot machine on the pay table then click onto the attached help files when playing online or at a mobile casino site as that is somewhere else that you may find that all important piece of information, or check on the website of the casino you are playing at as sometimes the operators of those casino list all slot machine RTP’s on their websites instead.

High Variance Slot Game Pay Tables

You may fancy throwing caution to the wind when playing slot machines, and if you are and you are prepared to take a few risks then do look out for the high variance slots, for whenever you set about playing those types of slot machines you will always have the chance of winning big.

However, there are some compromises to be made if and/or when you do decide to play those high-risk slots, for you are not going to see many low valued winning combinations being formed regularly on the pay lines.

For those slot will be designed in such a way that players do have the chance of winning big at any moment via a base game spin, and many high variance slots, as you will discover when reading through their respective pay tables will have some potentially huge paying bonus games, such as free spins feature rounds on which very high value multipliers can boost the value of any winning pay-outs achieved and spun in.

Take Note of Progressive Slot Machine Pay Tables

There are also going to be more progressive slot machines on offer to you no matter where you choose to play on which you could be lucky enough to win one or more very high value and in some cases life changing slot machine jackpots too.

However, it is vitally important that as a player you do read through the pay table of any and all progressive slot game you may be about to get stuck into playing.

I say that for each progressive slot machine could have one of several different ways of awarding their progressive jackpots to players, for example some slots will require you to play every single pay-line or play maximum coin spins to have any chance what so ever of winning the jackpots they offer.

Failure to play such slots in the way that have been mentioned on the pay table to have a chance of winning the jackpot will see you never having any chance what so ever of winning one of those large and every increasing in value jackpots, so always do read the pay tables, no matter which slots you do fancy playing.


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