What Slots Can I Play for Pennies?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
What Slots Can I Play for Pennies? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

penny slot machinesNot every slot player is going to have a huge valued bankroll and slot playing budget, and that is something of course that all slot machine designers and developers understand and know, and all casino operators are always fully aware of that fact too.

If you are a player that has only a  small set aside bankroll to play slot machines for real money, then fear not for I am 100% confident that you are always going to have access to a massive suite and range of different slot machines than can be played for as little as just one penny per spin.

Do be aware though that some players do not see the point of playing real money slot machines for stakes a slow as one or a few pennies, as they may think it is not possible to win big when doing so, but that is not actually the case and some mega valued and sized jackpots can be and are often won by penny slot players.

To point you in the right direction of just which slot machines you can play for pennies, below you will find an overview of many different categories and types of slot that have been designed in such a way that players can adjust the coins and stake they play them for to just pennies or even one just single penny per spin.

Penny Progressive Slots

It is true to say that when it comes to the value of the jackpots attached to any slot games it will be the progressive slots that are going to be offering you and all other slot players, the chance of winning a changing progressive jackpot.

In fact, some online, mobile and land based progressive jackpot slot machines come with jackpots that are so huge in value, that if you are every lucky enough to win one of them you will be turned into an instant millionaire.

However, some such slots require you to have to play them for some very high-stake amounts to have any chance whatsoever of winning the progressive jackpot attached to them, and as such many such slots are unsuitable for penny slot players.

However, do look out for the next generation of what are known as random jackpot slots, most casinos have them on offer to their players, and when playing them for any stake including pennies players will have a chance of winning a randomly awarded progressive jackpot at any time.

Playing Video Slots for Pennies

Slot machines that offer regularly trigger bonus games are some of the most played slots by penny slot players, and it is often when the bonus games have been triggered and awarded to players that the very highest valued winning pay-outs such slots offer can be achieved.

What is worth knowing though is that you may have to play off a very high number of base game spins to trigger some video slot games bonus feature rounds, but when playing or pennies that will not put too much of a dint in your slot playing bankroll.

The only way of knowing whether you are going to win big when playing video slots is obviously to give them some play time, and you will find plenty of casino sites that do have video slots that can be played for pennies.

Also, consider using some of the many deposit match bonus offers and some other promotional offers and deals when you do want to play for very low stakes, as those promotions and bonuses can help you boost the value of even the very lowest valued deposits and gambling budgets.

Classic Slot Machines for Penny Players

I think they it is very true and fair to say that no all slot players are going to enjoy playing classic slot machines, for as most of them do not have any bonus games or any type of bonus features they can eventually be rather boring slot machines to play for pennies.

However,  having said that if you do fancy trying your chances of a rapid fire type of slot machine and one that could ward some big and high valued winning pay-outs even when being played for pennies then these are the types of slot you should play.

The one thing to take note of however is whether you can play more than one penny per pay-line, and if you are given the option of doing so then check whether to see if the jackpot pay-out or any other pay-outs get enhanced in value when playing more than one coin.

If the is an enhanced jackpot when playing more than one coin per spin then the only way that you should be playing penny classic slot games is by activating all of the coins on the one single pay-line just in case you do spin in one of the jackpot paying and enhanced paying winning combinations.

Playing Penny 3 Reel Slots and Fruit Machines

Slots with three reels are much like classic slot games but tend to offer you more than one pay-line per spin to activate, but if you do want to play one type of three reel slot that will always give you plenty of fun, excitement and entertainment for your money then get stuck into playing fruit machines.

Those types of gaming machines are growing in popularity since they started to appear at online and mobile casino sites, and when playing them in either to those two playing environments there are going to be a plethora of different bonus games and bonus features that you may just end up triggering and being awarded which should enhance your slot playing experience for sure.



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