What Happens to Old Slot Machines?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
What Happens to Old Slot Machines? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

old slot machinesEach land based casino and many other gambling venues in which slot machines are legally allowed to operate, is going to have to get a license to operate those gaming machines, and they are often restricted reading the maximum number of slot machines that they are allowed to operate on their respective gaming floors.

As you may know, slot machine developers and designers are always going to be launching brand-new slot machines throughout the year, and many casinos do purchase lots of new slot machines to ensure their customers have access to the very latest ones.

That does of course mean that each year a huge number of slot machines that are no longer needed become available, and today in the following article I am going to be looking at what happens to those old slot machines that players no longer wish to play anymore.

Old Slot Machines May Get Destroyed

I did once see a team of slot engineers around the back of a land-based casino loading many old slot machines into a crushing device and asked them why they crushed and destroyed their old slot machines rather than simply destroy them.

What I was told was that due to the way their company worked and operated as soon as a slot machine had lost its value and had depreciated in value so low that it was worthless, by way of the company having claimed back over a set number of years the cost of the machine in taxes, they were legally obliged to destroy that machine.

Looking back that was rather a sad thing to see happening to lot of old slot machines, for many of them are now much sought after by players due to the way they have been designed, and many players do want to own their own slot machines too.

However that is one of the ways that some casino and slot machine operators will dispose of their old slot machines, and one day you may witness what I did, that being lots of slot machines being destroyed.

Selling Off Old Slot Machines

Most casinos will want to get some of their original financial investment in any number of slot machines they bought and have been operating back, once a slot machine comes to the end of its operational life.

As such you will often find such venues sell on their order slot machines to a slot machine distributor who will then refurbish those slot machines and put them up for sale on the second-hand market.

In fact, it isn’t unheard of for some casinos to part exchange their older slot machines they no longer have a use for, and as such they will use the value of those older machines to help them purchase new ones.

Some much larger casino machines and slot machine operators will have a standalone company of theirs that they will sue to sell on their older slot machines, and as such they will always get something back financially for their older slot machines rather than just smashing them up and sending them to the local tip, which is one way that some casino operators do get rid of their older styled slot machines even to this day.

Converting Old Slots into New Ones

What you will also see as you take a walk around any land-based casino, is that there will often be a very good mix of old slot machines and much newer slot machines that are all housed in the same type of slot machine cabinets.

One of the major costs of running a casino is of course the price operators have to pay for a brand new standalone slot machine, and what many slot machine developers and designers have now done is to bring out a newly designed slot machine cabinet, but do so in such a way that operators of their machines can change the actual slot game without needing to change the cabinet.

All that those operators will have to do when they do want to put a new slot machine into an older slot machines cabinet is to update the software and of course change the logs and other identifying aspects of a slot machine from the new one to the old one.

It is also now possible for any slot machine operator to buy a slot machine on which they can offer lot of different slot games to players, and players simply have to click onto the slot game menu and then choose which slot to play on those types of slot machines.

Smaller Casinos Often Buy Old Slot Machines

Obviously, some of the much larger and much more popular land-based casinos and casino resorts are going to have a huge budget that they can call on and use whenever they do wish to upgrade their slot machine estate.

However, those much smaller land based casinos that are dotted all around the world will not have anywhere as near as large a budget when it comes to buying new slot machines, and as such many of those smaller casinos will buy the older slot machines form much larger casinos, when the latter have no use for any slot machines.

In fact, some casino operating companies do operate both huge and small casino venues, and what they will tend to do is to buy new slot machines and position them in their much busier and much more popular and larger casinos, and then once those machines have become a certain age they will then move them on to their much smaller casinos.

But make no mistake about it, new slot machines are always going to be launched in great numbers, for there are now a huge number of slot game designers that design land based and both online and mobile slot machines.



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