Best Strategy for Playing Penny Slot Machines

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 8, 2019
Best Strategy for Playing Penny Slot Machines November 8, 2019" November 8, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

penny slot machinesAs long as you always play and gamble responsibly, and only ever play with money that you can afford to lose, then you should never get into any problem when playing slot machines, no matter in which playing environment that you wish to play them in.

Keep in mind though, that you will always have the option of playing slot machines for tiny stake amounts, and most slot machine you will come across will give you the option of playing them for stake levels as low as one penny or just a few pennies per spin.

This guide will look at the very best strategy for playing penny slot machines, but before I pass onto you the very best hints and tips for doing just that, do checkout some of my other articles and guides such as how are slot machines are regulated and also why do some slots never seem to pay-out.

You will also get a very good insight into how to play the slot machines in Vegas  and how to read a slot machine pay table correctly when you do read through my other guides and articles, and two others you really should read through include the 10 things you may not know about online slots and also do find out which casinos give out the best slot comps.

However, let me move back now to enlightening you on how to play any type of penny slot machines for some tiny stake amounts, as if you do fancy doing so then do feel free to check out any of the casino sites showcased and reviewed upon this website, as they all come very highly recommended.

Penny Slots That Pay-out More

You will get more play time from even a small bankroll when you set about playing penny slot machines, as long as you are never tempted to increase the stakes you are playing for if you do get a decent sized winning pay-out.

However, many players do tend to slowly and gradually increase the number of coins they wager when they get onto a winning streak, and that can be a very good strategy, but never lose track of the fact that you could very easily lose back what you have won if you do increase the stakes you are playing for.

Always try and have a winning goal in mind, and as soon as you are lucky enough to achieve that increase in the size of your bankroll stop playing, and mark that session own as a winning one, as for what a good and ideal winning goal should be, well aim to increase your starting balance by 50% to 100%, as you will be surprised at just how often you so manage to have a winning session when you do so.

The slot machines that most savvy penny players are going to be eager to play are those that have a higher than average pay-out percentages, so try and only ever set about playing slot machines which have published pay-out percentages of 97% or high is my advice.

Low variance slots will give you plenty of winning spins, however the higher variance and high risk slots could award you with a mega sized winning pay-out even if you play them just for pennies, but keep in mind you may soon find your bankroll being eaten up when you play those types of slots rather than low variance ones.

Get More Play Time Playing Penny Slot Machines

If you do only ever want to play slot machines for low stakes and wish to play them for pennies per spin, then one great way that you can boost the size of your initial bankroll is by claiming a deposit match bonus.

I have seen more than enough casino sites and casino apps that are going to boost your bankroll by at the least 100% of its value, and as such be on the lookout for such bonuses as by claiming a 100%R deposit match bonus you will then instantly double the value of your slot playing bankroll.

Not all such bonuses though are going to be worth claiming, for at the end of the day you will need to find out just what is in the terms and conditions of such bonuses to evaluate whether they are offering you true value, which not all of them are going to do by the way.

Things that make a deposit match bonus a good one to claim for any penny slot players are those that come with low play through requirements, and ones that have no restrictions in place regarding how much you can cash out from your bonus credits, and bonuses that will indeed allow you to play off the bonus credits on slots that have high pay-out percentages and allow you to play for pennies per spin too of course.


Each and every day of the week someone will win big when playing a slot machine, however to have any chance of doing so make sure you look at playing some progressive jackpot awarding slot machines, but those that can allow players to play for any stake to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Some slots worth playing are the Mega Moolah series of slots for Microgaming, or the Real Series slot games from Real Time Gaming, as they do have such jackpots attached that can be won no matter at what stake level you decide to play them for.

One other thing to keep in mind is that many slot machines are designed as HTML 5 slots which simply means they are fully compatible with all operating systems including computers laptops, smart phones and tablet devices, and you can play them on any type of device without having to make any comprises when you do so.


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