10 Things You May Not Know About Online Slots

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
10 Things You May Not Know About Online Slots July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Slot factsPlaying slot games online is something many avid slot players tend to do, for by doing so they will always have access to a huge and ever-growing range of slot machines.

However, for those of you out there that have never played slot games online before, then please do read on, for I have compiled the following article that will reveal to you ten things many players do not know about online slots, and you are bound to find many of the facts revealed below of interest too.

1. Online Slot are Completely Random

It is important to fully understand that all slot machines will have a random number generator at their heart, and as such each and every single spin you play off will give a random result, meaning there is no way of knowing when any slot will pay-out.

That is why players do love playing all manner of different slot games and slot machines, for with some luck in playing they could end up playing a slot that awards them with a series of high valued winning pay-outs or a slot that awards a huge jackpot pay-out.

2. Progressive Jackpots are Won Daily

When you visit land-based casinos, you will often see plenty of progressive jackpot slots on offer, however one thing that you will often notice, such as the huge jackpot won at the Stratosphere Casino, is that those jackpots are few and far between

Online slot machines are played in such large numbers and often have progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be won when they reach a certain value, that players tend to play them more and more, as many more jackpots tend to get won online by progressive slot players than are ever won in land based casinos!

3. Some Online Slots Have High RTP’s

The one type of slot machines that players will always be best advised to play are slot games on which there is a high pay-out percentage or RTP, which stands for Return to Player, for those slots have been designed in such a way that players will get more of their stake money returned to them as winning pay-outs.

However, the single session pay-out percentages that players can achieve will vary, depending on just how luck they are, but there will always be a roller-coaster of a ride waiting for you no matter which slot games you do end up playing online.

4. Online Slot Tournaments are Available

All manner of weird and wonderful slot playing competitions are going to be on offer to you as soon as you do switch over to playing slot games online, and one type of slot playing competition that many players love taking part in are slot tournaments much like those that land based casinos offer.

Online slot tournaments could be free to enter or require entrants to pay a small entry fee, but they can be a great way to spend some time playing slot machines for a small amount of cash and do give players the chance of winning some huge cash prizes too.

5. You Can Earn Real Money Comps Playing Slots Online

Just like when you pay a visit to a local casino venue, you will be earning comp points when playing real money slots online, for each top-rated online casino site will have their own players club or a comp club on offer.

You will be automatically signed up for those comp club schemes when joining any of our approved casino sites, and as such from the very second you start to play you will be earning comp points on every real moneys pin of any slot game you choose to play.

There is an art to earning the most comps, and that will be by playing lots with higher than average pay-out percentages and selecting the online casino sites that give players the most comps per spin and have the lowest redemption rates for turning comp points into playing credits too.

6. Fixed Odds Slots are Available Online

Please do make sure you look through our range of Playtech designed slot machines, for by doing so you are going to find that casino sites and casino apps that utilize their range of slots are going to be offering you the largest number of slots of every conceivable category.

Fixed odds slots offer a completely different playing format and structure though, for when you spin the reels of those types of slot you are guaranteed to spin in a winning combination of matching reel symbols.

However, you will only ever be awarded with the winning pay-out associated with that winning combination if you have placed a bet on that combination, so keep that in mind if you do choose to play those fun and very unique types of slots online.

7. Every Category of Slot Can be Accessed Online

Make no mistake about it, if you enjoy playing slot machines then no matter which types of slot machines and slot games that you get the urge to play you will find them being offered to you at our featured and approved casino sites, and in very large numbers too.

Some players look out for slots that have stunning and amazing graphics, and if that is the type of slot game that excites you the most then there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to have a ball playing 3D slot games, of which there are plenty of them available online.

Buy you may prefer playing 3 reel and classic slots, or a slot offering huge and life changing jackpots, or you could get the urge to play video slots offering lots of different bonus games, and there are no shortages of those types of slot games on offer online too.

8. Huge Online Slot Bonuses Can Be Claimed

There is one reason why more and more players are switching their real money slot play online, and that is they are going to be able to lock in much more playing value, thanks to the never ending stream of slot game related bonuses and promotional offers and deals that they are able to claim at online and mobile casino sites.

However, please do spend as much time as is needed and required reading through each of the terms and conditions attached to any bonus offers you are thinking of claiming and making use of, for each casino will have their own set of terms and conditions and bonus play rules attached to each of their bonuses.

The best and most sought after and most claimed bonuses however that most slot players are always on the hunt for and will be very eager to claim and make use of are deposit match bonuses. And those that are designed as 100% deposit match bonuses or high in value than 100%.

But make sure that the bonuses that you do end up claiming and making full use of come with a fair set of terms and conditions and bonuses with a low play through requirement, no slot game restrictions and bonuses that are not restricted regarding the amount of cash you can win and cash out when using them too.

9. New Online Slots Get Launched Regularly

More new slot machines get launched online than land based slot games, and as such due to the sheer number of companies that do design and develop online slots, you are going to find a huge number of brand new and never seen before slots when you do start playing online.

One company that has been designing online slot machine and casino games for well over 25 years now is Microgaming, and each month Microgaming tend to launch one or two brand new slot machines, which always come with new bonus games bonus features and new and never seen playing structures too.

10. The Best Online Slots are Fully Configurable

One final thing you will be happy to learn about, is the fact that you can fully tailor your own unique slot playing experience when playing online slot machines, as they will all come with a range of player adjustable option settings.

Some of them most basic option settings will include you being able to select the number of pay-lines you wish to have in play, and the stakes you play for too, but many slots will also let you speed up or slow down the rate at which the reels spin and stop, and plenty of volume and screen size controls are also offered to slot players too.

Several online slots also offer a Cluster Pays playing structure which does away with the need for pay-lines to be activated.


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