Why Do Some Slots Never Seem to Pay-Out?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
Why Do Some Slots Never Seem to Pay-Out? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

no payout slot machinesIf there is one aspect to playing real money slot machines that all players are going to experience at some point in time, but will never want to experience, it is sitting down to playing a slot on which they lose spin after spin after spin.

You just never know when Lady Luck is going to desert you, but when she does you could very easily end up playing a s;l0ot machine that rarely spins in any winning combinations or simply refuses to allow you to trigger and bonus games or bonus features too!

This guide therefore is going to be answering the question why do some slot machines never seem to pay-out, and also giving you a few pointers and slot playing tips so that you can do your upmost best to avoid playing a slot machine that may not pay you out very much too.

High Variance Slots are Risky Slots to Play

Some slot machines are going to be very high risk ones for slot players to play, and as such before you pick out a slot to get stuck into playing, you will be very best advised to find out and discover whether it is a low , medium or high risk slot.

The highest risk slots are collectively known as high variance slot machines, and one of the major attraction for slot player of playing those types of slot machines is that they really could win some mega amounts of cash either from their base games or when they get to play off any awarded and triggered bonus feature game too.

The reason why high variance slot machines do tend to deliver players with a very high-risk type of playing format and structure is that they tend not to spin in many low valued winning combinations but are designed to every now and then spin in a very high valued one.

Obviously being such high risk slot machines and slot game so play the very best way that you should only ever play high variance slots is by playing any of them for a fairly low valued stake amounts and you could still win a huge amount of cash when low rolling playing those slots by the way.

Progressive Jackpots Slot Often Have Low RTP’s

One type of slot machine that can deliver huge jackpots are of course progressive slot machines, and you will not have to search for long until you read stories of how some players have been turned into instant millionaires playing slot machines.

However, it is worth me pointing out that the pay-out percentages attached to a great number of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines are very low, and it is also worth noting that a percentage of your stake money is also feeding the jackpot pools.

As such you could spend a small fortune playing a progressive slot machine and by doing so you will have fed the jackpot pools, but another player is much more likely to win the jackpot eventually, and as such they have won a share of your stake money.

Therefore, you really should be very careful when playing progressive slot machines and never get carried away with trying to win a progressive jackpot, for you may never actually win one of them no matter how much money that you pend trying to do so.

Slots That Spin in a Winning Combination on Each Spin

Fixed Odds slot machines as they are known as quite bizarre slots to get your head around, for whenever you spin their three reels what you are going to find is that a winning combination is guaranteed to be spun on.

You may be thinking that all your Christmas’s have come at once and that there is no way that you are going to lose when playing a Fixed Odds slot , if every spin is guaranteed to be a winning spin, however it is not as straight forward as that of course.

What you have to do before you spin a Fixed Odds slot games three stepper type reels is to pick out as many of the winning combinations that are listed on its pay table that you want to see spinning in on the next spin.

You are only ever going to receive a winning pay-out when playing these types of slot machines and slot games if you have indeed actually bet on the winning combination that is spun in on the very next spin you play off, if you haven’t placed a bet on that winning combination then you will not receive a winning pay-out for spinning it in!

Always Set Yourself a Slot Playing Budget

One final topic that I do want to touch upon now regarding you playing real money slot machines and slot games, is that whilst it can be a fun activity and you will always have the chance of winning, not every single slot session you have playing anywhere is going to be a winning one.

With that in mind and to ensure that you do always stay in full control when playing slot games of any possible description and category is that you play them for stake levels that you can afford and that you set yourself a loss limit too.

You may also fancy setting a winning goal that you are aiming to achieve when playing real money slot games but try and keep any winning goal down to a reasonable amount as you are much more likely to win a smaller amount of cash that a huge and ridiculously high amount of cash when playing slot machines, but anything is possible of course that is why real money slot machines and slot games are so exciting to play.


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