How to Play the Slot Machines in Vegas

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
How to Play the Slot Machines in Vegas July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Las Vegas Slot MachinesOne thing that you are certainly not going to find in short supply if you do decide to pay a visit to Las Vegas are slot machines, in fact as soon as you land at the airport you will find bank after bank of slot machines available to play in the arrivals hall.

However, there are lots of tips for playing slots in Vegas that I want to pass onto you, for there are going to be lots of different benefits coming your way if you do avoid playing them in some places and make a concerted effort to play ones located in certain casinos.

As for playing the slot machines at McCarren Airport, well my advice would be to steer very clear of those gaming machines, for due to their location and the fact that those slots have low pay-out percentages you are not going to be locking in true value if you do decide to play any of them as you land in Vegas, or for that matter when you are departing Vegas by air.

If on the other hand you are driving to Las Vegas, then you will pass by and may even stop at one of several gas stations located there, and those places will have both slot machines and video poker machines too, but once again gas stations much like the airport are not known for the high pay-out percentages attached to their slot machines, so always do keep that in mind.

Vegas Strip Casinos

Whilst the majority of the casino resorts up and down the Las Vegas Strip are truly amazing and awesome places to visit and gamble, the one thing that does let them all down sadly is the fact that the RTP’s on the slot machines locate don their respective gaming floors are not going to be overly generous and or set high.

The comp and players clubs they have will not be as generous as the ones located elsewhere either, and do be aware of the fact that the penny slot machines are going to be set with lower long term expected pay-out percentages that the higher denomination slot machine RTP’s have been set at.

Off-Strip Casino in Las Vegas

When you do finally arrive at Las Vegas you should be planning on gambling mainly at casinos that are located off the Las Vegas Strip, for as you have just found out the slot machines on the Strip are not going to be offering you anything like decent RTP’s.

You will find casinos for example that are located in the Downtown area of Vegas and those in little towns nearby or when driving along such as Boulder Highway are going to not only have much higher paying slots by virtue of higher pay-out percentages, but their respective comp clubs are going to be rather generous too.

However, at the end of the day you will always want to get out and about when in Vegas, and if you are prepared to do so then there is no doubt in my mind you are going to find some simply amazing casinos offering you plenty of extra incentives to gamble at their properties and will have a very enjoyable time when making your way around too.

Join Players Clubs

Casinos in Las Vegas are all vying for your custom and your gaming action, and one way that they are going to reward you and give you plenty of incentives to gamble at their respective casinos is via their players clubs.

As such when you wander into any casino in any part of Las Vegas, always make a point of signing up to that casinos players club the very minute you step through their doors, as by doing so you will often be given some form of gift which may take the form of free slot player or a free buffest for example simply for signing up to their players club.

Then once you have been given your players card make sure that you insert it into the slot machines you want to play, for each spin you play off you will then be accumulating points and dependent on just how many point you amass you will be able to swap them for cash, slot play, free food and/or meals or even free overnight hotel room stays.

In fact, once you do sign up to any land based casinos players club in Las Vegas you will then be sent out by snail mail coupons throughout the year which can for free slot play and free accommodation too on any future visits you plan on making to Las Vegas.

Always Set yourself a Daily Gambling Limit

One final thing that you should be aware of when visiting Las Vegas is that if you plan on being there for a few days or even a week or longer, you are always going to have the temptation to gamble thrust upon you.

With that in mind the savviest slot players are always going to set themselves a daily gambling budget and will always stick to it. If you do visit Vegas with a set-in stone budget then you will not want to get too carried away on the first day, which sadly many slot players and gamblers in general will do.

So, split up your bankroll in such a way that you are always going to have enough set aside and available to you as each new day arrives, and there will be no fun in running out of money whilst you are there.

Also, try and plan your days in Vegas, and remember there is always going to be much more to do there than just gamble, so get out and about, walk the Las Vegas Strip or book tickets to watch a show, or try out any of the many different activities that are on offer to you, in fact some of them are completely free of charge.


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