Which Slot Machines Give the Best Playing Value to Players?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 20, 2019
Which Slot Machines Give the Best Playing Value to Players? September 20, 2019" September 20, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

choosing a slot machineThere are loads of ways these days available to savvy slot players that they are always going to be able to look in additional playing value when they set about playing slot games online or via their mobile devices.

The very first thing to look out for when choosing just where to play slot machines is by comparing the comp clubs that casino sites have on offer to players as you will find plenty of our featured real money casino sites giving players plenty of comp points which can be turned into playing credits as they play.

It is also the types of slot machines you choose to play that will ultimately determine just what you stand to win too, and therefore if you are looking to win a huge jackpot then the best slot machines to track down and get stuck into playing are going to be the many different types of progressive slot machines available.

Whilst it is true to say that land based slot operators can alter the RTP’s of their slot machines at any time, when you set about playing online or mobile slot game you will find the RTP’s of those types of slot games are set in stone and cannot be altered or adjusted by the operators of those slot games.

Please do read on for I will also be revealing to you below plenty of other ways that you can always have the best chances of locking in the maximum playing value when playing any type of slot machines and slot games.

Playing Slot Machines Optimally

You will of course need to have some ideas as to the types of slot machines to play and how to play them optimally if you do want to have the best chance of winning when playing slot games in any playing environment, and let me now give you some ideas as to just how you are going to be able to do just that.

The first thing you should do is initially find out just how high the pay-out percentages are on every single slot machine that is available to you dependent on just which casinos you are thinking of playing at.

That information is going to be found on the pay tables of each slot machine or you could also find it on the help files attached to both online or mobile slot games or failing that look on the website of any casino sites as that is where they sometimes list the RTP’s on offer one very single slot machine they have available.

As long as you make an activate point of only ever playing slot machines that have pay-out percentages over 97% then you will find over your long term play you are going to get plenty of your stake money back as winning pay-outs, so make sure they are indeed the slot machines that you track down and get stuck into playing.

Another thing you will need to pay very careful attention to is the actual stake levels that you play each slot machine for, if you are playing or example a slot game or slot machine on which there is some form of bonus game then be aware that on a average it could take around 150 spins before those main bonus games are awarded to you.

Therefore it does of course go without saying that if you divide yup your bankroll in such a way that you can afford to play off at the very least 150 base game spins on any slot machines you choose to play then there will always be a very reasonable chance that you will trigger the bonus game, on that slot machine.

Also, as most casino sites and casino apps these days tend to offer their players some quite valuable player promotional offers, which often take the form of deposit match bonuses, by hunting around and claiming those that come with the most generous of terms and conditions you will always have more play time and more winning chances when using those types of bonus and casino promotional offers.

There is also another way that you can lock in plenty of real money slot playing value too and that will be by you selecting a casino site that has a generous comp club or loyalty scheme in place and each of our featured and top rated casino sites will all be offering their real money slot players all manner of additional extras by way of their comp club schemes.

What to Look for From a Slot Machine

You may have your own idea of just what makes a great playing and very appealing slot machine, but below are some of the many additional things that makes playing real money slot games so very exciting and appealing to a great many online slot players.

  1. Variance That Suits You
  2. Higher Than Average RTP’s
  3. Plenty of Bonus Features
  4. Low to High Stake Options
  5. Regularly Award Bonus Games

Whilst playing slot games for real money is what many players do tend to do never lose track of the fact that you can play thousands of free play slots for no cost and at no risk directly from our website at any time of the day or night, if you want to have some no risk slot playing sessions.


Different countries of the world have different rules and regulations regarding slot machines but as a real money player as long as you stick to playing at licensed and fully regulated casino sites, venues or apps you will always have a fair chance of winning and will be playing certified fair and random slot machines too, so make sure that is something you stick to doing.


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