How do Pick and Match Bonus Games Work?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 13, 2019
How do Pick and Match Bonus Games Work? September 13, 2019" September 13, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

pick and match bonus slotsThis slot machine playing guide is one that you should read through in full, if you are the type of player that is looking for the maximum excitement when playing slot machines online, for it will be looking at a certain type of slot that many players do enjoy playing time and time again.

Those are slot machines on which there is some form of pick and match styled bonus game, those being a bonus feature that can be triggered via the base game or even completely randomly, but once trigger will see players having to pick off locations via a bonus screen.

Unlike pick and win bonus games, a pick and match styled bonus game will require you to keep on picking until such a time that you match two or in most cases three cash awards, or free spins totals, and once you do so you are then awarded with that cash award or the respective number of free spins.

These types of slots are available from most slot game designers and at most online, land based and mobile casino sites, and below you will find the slot games that tend to get the most attention from players that do boast such a bonus game.

Slot Providers with Lots of Pick and Match Slot Machines

When you do fancy trying your luck playing slot machines that offer a pick and match styled bonus game be aware that it will be the casino sites that tend to offer the largest array of different slots games from multiple different slot game designers that you are going to find the biggest selection of such slots on offer.

I do know that NetEnt slot games of which there are many do tend to offer some of the most exciting bonus games, and plenty of their range of slot games do come with pick and match styled bonus games, so I would encourage you to look through their range of slot games as you will find plenty of them worth playing.

Do also consider too that there are some pick and match styled bonus games which are designed as progressive jackpot awarding slots, and as such there is always going to be the chance of winning big, in fact very big if you do decide to play those types of slot games too.

But also keep in mind that not all pick and match slot are going to cost you small fortune to play for there are no shortages of penny slot machines available to you these days, and you can of course try out and play plenty of slot machines offering a pick and win styled bonus game directly from this website too, so look around and give some of them a try.

Quick Hit Slots are Popular with Players

There are loads of slot machines that I can point you in the direction of that are going to be offering you some form of pick and match bonus feature round when you trigger their respective bonus games.

However just for reference one of the most popular series of slots all of which do have such a bonus game on offer at the Quick Hit slot machines, which will see you initially playing off a pick to win styled bonus feature round when you spin in the three scatter symbols on the middle reels.

That bonus picking game will award you once you have played it off, with a certain number of free spins and a multiplier value, and as such do consider giving our free play version of that slot some play time as many players really do enjoy playing it.

Most Popular Pick and Match Awarding Slots

Below is a description of the types and categories of slot machines many of which will be offering players the chance of triggering some form of pick and match bonus feature round. Be aware though that the only way to discover just what any bonus game is on offer on any slot machine is to look at the pay table of each slot.

  1. Video Slots
  2. 3 Reel Slot Machines
  3. Classic Slot Games
  4. Fruit Machines
  5. Progressive Slots

When playing online or mobile slot machines instead of land-based slot games, be aware that many slot game providers also attach very detailed help files to their online and mobile slot machines.

So do make a point of reading through those help files in additional to reading the pay table of a slot machine as that way you can often find out plenty of additional information about each slot machine that you may fancy playing including things such as just what pay-out percentage each slot machine has been set to return to players too.

The best way and the most cost effective way to initially determine just whether you are going to enjoy yourself when playing slot machines that do tend to offer a pick and match type of bonus game, is to play many of them for free and at no risk either.

We do of course have plenty of such slots dotted around this website and you can play any of them with an unlimited supply of demo mode credits for as long as you wish to test drive them, so have a good look around this website as you will certainly finds some of the slot game very enjoyable ones to play.


Never lose track of the fact that as there are so many different slot machines and often many slot machines with a unique theme too, you are always going to find a very large and very diverse range of different old slot machines and new slot games that are going to appeal to you no matter where you choose to play.


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