What Are Fruit Machines and How Do They Work?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 28, 2019
What Are Fruit Machines and How Do They Work? October 28, 2019" October 28, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

fruit machinesThere are lots of fun new slot machines that were launched in 2019, however one type of slot machine that you are bound to come across at many casino sites are a type of slot known as a fruit machine, and if you are based in the U.S.A, then you may never have come across those gaming machines before.

If not then please read through this guide as I will enlighten you on what makes them so very unique, and whilst you should always utilize the best slot game money management tips when playing them there is a lot of differences regarding them and the way casino slots work and operate.

So to complement my inside slot machines learn how slot games are designed guide I have also put together this one that will walk you through how they have been designed and the way to play them.

To ensure that you always have the best winning opportunities when playing any type of slot game in any playing environment please to also make a point of reading through my additional guides such as my online slots vs. land-based slots which ones are the best and my 8 do’s and don’ts when playing slot machines guide too.

A fruit machine though is usually a slot on which there is often just three reels and one single pay-line, so above all else they can be very low cost slots to play, however unlike casino classic slots they are certainly not going to be boring slots to play, I can guarantee you of that.

Playing Fruit Machines

The main difference between fruit machines and casino slots is that fruities as they are also known come jam packed full of bonus games and bonus features, and as such you are going to find them very highly entertaining slots to play, and with so many bonus games and bonus features you do tend to get a lot of play time from your bankroll.

However, fruit machines are designed to go through cycles, and by that I mean they will all have been designed to pay-out their pre-set long term expected pay-out percentage when they have run though a cycle of spins which could be tens of thousands of spins.

Once a fruit machine is nearing the end of its cycle if the pay-out percentage that machine has been set to pay-out is not as high as it should be to achieve it then the machine will do everything it can do to ensure it does achieve its pay-out percentage, or vice versa.

That does of course mean that many slot players have worked out ways of playing fruit machine optimally and will always be able to make a profit from their fruit machine playing experience when they know how to do just that.

One way a fruit machine player can try and win when playing is to play the machine to lose, meaning they will always utilize the gamble game when a winning combination is spun in, and by doing so the pay-out percentage the machine has achieved on its current cycle will become so low that the machine will then spin in a jackpot or series of very high valued winning pay-outs to bring its pay-out percentage back up.

Main Fruit Machine Bonus Games

There can be and often are lots of unique bonus games an bonus features that can and will be triggered when playing some fruit machines, however there are also some common bonus games and features that most fruit machines tend to offer, and as such allow me to let you know just what they are.

Nudges are one often found fruit machine bonus game, and at the end of a losing base game spina  player could then be awarded with a number of nudges as displayed on the fruit machines screen, and they can then utilize those nudges to move any of the reels downwards and/or upwards one position at a time, in the hope they help a player achieve a winning combination.

Another popular fruit machine bonus feature that does tend to get awarded to players very regularly is the hold feature, and when awarded the hold lights located underneath each reel will light up.

When they do so players can then click on any or as many of them as they like and by doing so the respective reel above will then be locked and held into position for the next spin, which means if a player has just spun in a  winning combination and the hold feature is awarded to them then they can hold those matching reel symbols again and will then win that winning pay-out again when they hold those symbols.


The number of fruit machines that are found in land-based venues has been declining in number over the last few years, and whilst one of the main reasons for that is that most players tend to play them online or on their mobile devices.

However, there has also been an increase in the number of fruit machines that have been broken into over the last few years too by criminals and that can often put off pubs and clubs for example to offer fruit machines to their customers as their insurance costs can sky rocket when they do have fruit machines in their premises.

Remember that playing fruit machines can be fun and very exiting but you will never want to get addicted to playing fruit machines and as such always set yourself some strict limits when playing them and always make use of any gambling limit option settings that most casino sites are going to be offering you such a deposit limits and loss limit settings.


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