8 Do’s and Don’ts When Playing Slot Machines

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 10, 2019
8 Do’s and Don’ts When Playing Slot Machines September 10, 2019" September 10, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Slot Machine Do's and Don'tsMaking strategic slot machine player errors can turn out to be quite expensive, and therefore I have compiled the following guide to ensure that all avid slot players out there never make any such mistakes when playing their favourites slot games.

As long as you always keep in mind though that every single spin you play off on any slot machine is completely random, and therefore you never have any way of knowing whether any slot playing session you have is going to be a winning or losing one, and are prepared for the latter, then if you do win it will be a nice surprise when playing in any slot playing environment.

The first thing that you should never do when you do play gaming machines of any type is to set your stake levels too high, and it is important that you set the stakes per spin based on your current slot playing bankroll. As for what an ideal stake per spin will be, well one hundredth of your available bankroll is a perfect stake.

Much more so when you set about playing real money video slots that offer a bonus game, for by playing for stakes of one percent of your starting bankroll should give you a fair chance of triggering a bonus game if the slot you are playing does indeed offer one.

Also, it is important that you know just when to stop playing, and as such always stick to you gambling budget, and remove any temptation that you may get to continue playing once you have exhausted your bankroll, which could be by not taking debit or credit cards with you to a land based casino, or setting the player adjustable gambling limit settings to your initial bankroll when logging into an online or mobile slot apps and mobile casino site.

Configuring the Slot Machines that You are Playing

There are also going to be several different ways of playing any slot machines you like the look off, you and whilst the staking options are important, so are too are the number of pay-lines you activate and send into live play.

Always try and activate as many pay-lines as you possible can do, as that way you will never miss out on a winning combination spinning in, which you may do if you do not configure every single pay-line.

Each slot machine that you come across will have been designed with its own long term expected RTP, it is important that you do not end up playing any slots with low pay-out percentages, so actively make a point of playing those that return an RTP of lower than 96%.

Obviously when playing any type or category of slot machine you will want to get as much fun, play time and as many winning opportunities as you possibly can do so, and one way is by making use of generous casino and slot bonuses, but those which offer the lowest play through requirements and no maximum cash out or pay-out limits.

Some players can and often do spend a small fortune trying to chase a slot machines jackpot, much more so if the jackpot attached to any slot machine is a progressive, you should look at such jackpots for what they are, a rare event and never become obsessed with trying to win one of them.

Lots of additional benefits will flow your way when you utilize any casinos players card, for those cards when interested into land based slot machines will award you with redeemable points for each real money spin you play off, online and mobile casinos have their own automatic way of awarding players with comp points without players needing to use a players card.

However, do make sure the casino sites or apps you are using are going to be offering you a generous comp or players club as they can and do different from casino to casino much like they do at land-based venues.

Nobody likes and angry gambler, and sometimes you may be in the wrong frame of mind to gamble, therefore always keep a level head when playing slot machines, and as the saying goes when the fun stops, stop.

Recap on Slot Playing Do’s and Don’ts

Let me now give you a quick round up of the 8 do’s and don’ts when playing slot machines and I am fairly confident if you do become aware of them and build your own playing strategy around each of them you will have plenty of enjoyable slot playing sessions.

  1. Do Not Play for Too High a Stake Amount
  2. Do Stick to Your Bankroll
  3. Do Activate as Many Pay-Line as You Can
  4. Do Not Play Slots with Low RTP’s
  5. Do Hunt Around for Generous Slot Bonuses
  6. Do Not Chase Slot Machine Jackpot
  7. Do Use a Players Card
  8. Do Not Lose Control

You do also have the option of playing slot games for free without the need for a bankroll, and that is something you should always consider doing when your funds are low, but you get the urge to play slot machines.


For some fully rounded slot playing sessions, do keep in mind too that many celebrity themed slot machines are on offer to players in all playing environments, and those slots do tend to offer plenty of additional built in bonus features too, so can be very exciting ones to play.

Do also ensure that you pay a visit to one or more of the new casinos that are opening up, for often during the first few weeks of the operation of such venues the RTP’s on the slot machines may be set higher than they will be on an ongoing basis and there will often be plenty of promotional offers up for grabs too at those new casino venues.


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