Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots Which Ones Are the Best?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 10, 2019
Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots Which Ones Are the Best? September 10, 2019" September 10, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Slots: Online vs Land Based MachinesYou do always have a choice of just where you play slot machines but knowing which is the best playing environment that suits you is important.

Therefore in this guide I have chosen to compare both the land based slot machine playing environment with the much more convenient way of playing slot games, that being by playing them online, as by doing so you can then decide which one suits you perfectly, based on several different factors.

Slot Machine RTP’s Promotions and Social Interaction

The most important aspect of playing slot machines is the pay-out percentages the slots you do decide to play have been built around.

Online slot machines however do tend to boast the very highest paybacks, and that information is often found on the pay tables help files or on the casino website, rather than being a closely guarded secret, which is often the case at and based casinos.

The comps that you are going to be offered and will have access to at a land based casino are going to be much more generous in nature than are available at online casino sites, for online comp points can usually only be exchange for additional playing credits as opposed to free hotel rooms, cash or food and drink as is the case in a land based venue.

Obviously though, there can be costs involved in travelling to and from a land-based casino, and as such playing slot game online is far more convenient and is something you can do whenever you get the urge to play slot machines.

There can be a much more social playing experience to be had when visiting any land-based casino, for you can play alongside your friends and family members and chat to your fellow slot players when you are playing inside such a venue too.

Good Mix of Old and New Slot Machines

When it comes to the variety, types and categories of slot machines you will have access to though, online casinos do tend to have by far and away the very largest range of slot machines, often numbering in their hundreds or even thousands.

Online casino sites do tend to also get many more new slot machines going live on their gaming platforms than a land based casino, so if you are the type of player that loves playing a huge number of new and never seen before slot machines then you will probably be best suited to playing online.

Winning Pay-Outs and Gambling Limit Tools

As you are always going to be able to request your winnings in cash and on the spot when playing in a land based casino, if you do want to ensure that you are never going to have to face any long and drawn out delays in receiving your winnings, then you will be much better off playing at a local land based casino.

Having said that though there are several different payment options that you will have access to when playing slot machines online, but you will need to get your account verified by sending into the casinos security team copies of your identification documents to benefit from some to the fastest online casino payment options and benefit from some much higher pay-out limits too.

By signing up to an online casino you will have access to a range of gambling limit tools that are going to allow you op pre-set your own maximum deposit limit, and you will also be able to set yourself your very own loss limits and select a period of time that you can and will be allowed to stay logged into your casino account, which should help you stay fully in control of your own destiny when playing real money slot machines such a site.

Slot Playing Environment Comparison Quick Glance Guide

You should now have enough information to allow you to judge for yourself whether it will be more beneficial to you personally to play slot machines in a  land based casino or whether playing them online is going to suit you better, and below is an overview of the pros and cons of each of those two playing environment.

  1. Online Slots Often Have Higher RTP’s
  2. Land Based Slot Comps and More Generous
  3. Playing Online Slots is More Convenient
  4. Much More Social Experience Visiting a Casino
  5. Bigger Choice of Slots Online
  6. More New Slot Machines Launched Online
  7. Much Faster Pay-Outs at a Land Based Casino
  8. Easier to Set Gambling Limits Online

Free play options are something that will also be on offer to you at a land based casino, and I have yet to see a land based casino that will let you play any of their slot machines for as long as you like via demo mode and free play versions of their slots.


It will all be dependent on just where you live as to whether you will find any local land-based casinos, however the laws surrounding the operation of a land based casino venue are constantly changing, so keep that in mind as even though you may not find a casino nearby where you currently live, they may soon be one opening up in the very near future.

One other thing to make a note of, is that slot machines can often go by different names, for example player isn’t he UK tend to call slot machines, fruit machines, whilst players based in Australia and New Zealand call slot machines pokie machines.

There are however no major differences regarding the way most types of slot machines play and pay, for at the end of the day they are all completely random games of chance and therefore they are games on which players can of course win or lose at any time.


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