What Are Exploding Wild Symbols?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 3, 2019
What Are Exploding Wild Symbols? November 3, 2019" November 3, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Exploding Wild SymbolsA brand new type of wild symbol has recently been designed, and as such if you ever set forth and play the Take the Bank slot machine, which is a brand-new slot from Betsoft Gaming you are going to find that is comes with that new wild symbol.

What makes it a very exiting type of would symbol, is that when you initially start playing the slot you will notice a special countdown meter in the bottom right hand side of the screen, which will display the number 10 upon it.

That meter will countdown each spin you play off until it reaches zero, however for each Robber symbol you have spun in during those 10 spins a special bomb symbol will be placed on each reel position those symbols spin in on, and once the meter reaches zero then on that spin all of those bomb symbols will explode and become wild symbols.

As such the more Robber symbols that spin in as you are playing off those 10 spins the more wild symbols you will get added to the screen, and once the meter reaches zero is will then reset to 10 again and the entire process will begin again.

Be aware though that there really is a slot to like about playing slot machines and as such I have plenty of additional guides to the many unique aspects of doing so include my guides on ways to get more slot spins from your bankroll and slots with bonus board feature rounds and one that will reveal to you how scatter symbols work.

Also be aware that you should also find out what are expanding reel symbols  are and how they work and operate and also make sure that you discover and put into place the top strategy for playing progressive slots if you do ever play those types of slot machines.

Wild Reel Bonus Games

As you are going to discover when you play many of our free play slot machines on this website, there are lots of different wild symbols that could be spun in when playing them, however some slot machines now also come with wild symbol related bonus games and/or bonus features too.

Take for example the Immortal Romance slot from Microgaming, when playing that particular slot machine, you can randomly trigger its Wild Desire bonus feature and when you do so one to five of the reels will be chosen at random and well then be turned into wild reels for the next spin.

Tips for Playing Slots with Wild Symbols

I know many of you out there are always eager to find out and discover the very best ways to play slot machines, and you may be very eager to discover the very best slot playing tips for when you start playing slot machines that do offer all manner of different wild symbols, so allow me to pass onto you some slot playing tips for those types of slot machines.

If you play a classic slot machine on which ere are wild multipliers in place on the reels, then you will probably be aware that those slot machines come with just one pay-line spread over the three reels of that slot.

Before you start to play  such a classic slot take a quick look at the pay table and if you notice the jackpot on offer when you play the maximum number of coins per spin in enhanced in value, then the best way of playing that slot machine is to play with all coins activated on each spin you play off, just in case you do spin in the jackpot paying winning combination.

If you play video slot machines then you will be pleased to learn there are so many of them available you really are going to be spoiled for choice, however many of those types of bonus game awarding slot machines will come with optional pay-lines.

That does of course mean that you are always going to be able to put into play as many or as few of the available pay-line those types of slot machines have on offer into live play on any spin you play off.

However if you do play a video slot that for example has spending wild symbols then you will always be best advised to play the maximum number of pay-lines on offer on any slot, for if you get lots of wild symbols spinning in and they then expand by having the maximum number of pay-lines activated you will get the maximum winning pay-outs possible once those symbols have expanded.

In fact, you should always try and play any slot machines with all of the pay-lines activated and in live play, and as you can play around the with stake levels and the coin values on most slot games these days, that is something you can easily do to ensure that each spin you play off with all pay-lines activated will be affordable to you and your all important slot playing bankroll.


Always keep in mind that there are going to be lots of new slot machines available in all playing environments, however you are always going to find the most brand new slot games to get stuck into playing at online casinos rather than in a  brick and mortar land based casino venue.

If you do not fancy playing the very latest all singing and all dancing slot machines then there are slot of older styled slot machines available to you, such as the classic slot machine, and those slots tend to have wild multiplier symbols that not only stand in for other reel symbols but will boost the value of winning combinations that they help you form.


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