Most Popular Barcrest Slots with the Top RTP’s

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 21, 2019
Most Popular Barcrest Slots with the Top RTP’s November 21, 2019" November 21, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

BarcrestWith the Barcrest slot machines all offering some fun to play off bonus games and as many of them have built in bonus features too you will have a ball playing them, especially when you track down and play those listed below that have the highest payout percentages.

It is worth noting too that the RTP’s of both online and mobile slot machines from Barcrest are set much higher than the RTP’s found on their slot machines available in land based venues, so keep that in mind when deciding where to play any of their slots.

Barcrest Slots RTP

    How to find the Best Barcrest RTP Slots

    Fruit machines are slot machines are what Barcrest are best famed for designing, and if you want to play Barcrest slots for free then I invite you to play any of our massive selection of demo mode versions of their slots, for we do have many of them on offer on this website.

    However, by playing them for real money, you do have the chance of winning big, and you should find plenty of their slots worthy of your attention and gaming action, and with plenty of bonus games and bonus features you should have a ball playing them.

    But do keep in mind that the best slots to play will always be the ones which come with high pay-out percentages, and to help you locate those slots very quickly and very easily below I have put together a listing of their top paying games which do come with higher than average pay-out percentages.

    Before I give you that all important RTP information keep in mind here are loads of other guides and slot machine related articles available throughout this website include one that looks at how do free spins bonuses work and another that lets you know which slot machines give the best playing value to players and one that explains how exciting to play are medium variance slot games

    If you want to know whether fixed pay-line slots trigger their bonus games more and know which are the top paying optional pay-line slots or whether all progressive slots have fixed pay-lines then do take a look at each of those guides too as they will let you know all about those very topics.

    Barcrest Slot RTP’s

    I doubt you are going to find many other slot games online that have pay-out percentages as high as the ones attached and on offer on both the Monopoly Big Event and Ooh Aah Dracula slots from Barcrest, for they have both been set to return to players, over the long term an RTP of a huge 99.0%.

    In fact, there are serval other slot machines that do come with higher than average pay-out percentages including the Sheik Yer Money  slot which has been set with an RTP of a huge 98.2%, and then you have the Moon Shadow which has a pay-out percentage of a large 98.1%.

    Some other slot machines and slot games from Barcrest that have very notable pay-out percentages include the Rainbow Riches Pick’n’Mix and Wild Knights: King’s Ransom slots, all of which have RTP’s of 98.0% and the Jackpot Jewels slot games RTP is 96.5% and the Barkin’ Mad and Wild Knights slot both have pay-out percentages of 96.0%.

    I always advise players to try and find the slots with RTP’s over 94% at the very least as any slots with lower pay-out percentages than 94.00% are not really going to be worth playing, and as such one other slot from Barcrest that should be on your list of slot games to play is the Call of Fruity slot machine, for that colourful looking slot comes with a pay-out percentage of 95.2%.

    Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Barcrest Slots

    You are seriously going to notice the difference when playing slot machines that do come with a much higher pay-out percentage than any others, for you will get more winning  spins and you will also find that any bonus games and bonus features attached to slots that do have higher than average pay-out percentages tend to trigger much more often too.

    So, the best and most valuable tip I can pass onto you or playing Barcrest slot games is to stick to playing those listed up above, for you will have a fully rounded gaming session when you do set about playing any of them.

    Do however try and set yourself some limits as to how much you et aside to play any slot playing session too, for even though those Barcrest slots listed up above do have very high and very attractive pay-out percentages you are not always going to have a winning session.

    In fact, you may find that the single session RTP that you achieve when playing any of their slots could be much lower than its long term expected pay-out percentage, so setting yourself a limit to play with will also let you know just when to stop playing.

    Bonuses do also tend to flow very freely at most casino sites too, and as such please do feel free to check out the bonus offers that are available at any of our featured online and mobile casino sites that carry the range of Barcrest slots, as those sites have some of the most valuable bonus offers.


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