How Exciting to Play are Medium Variance Slot Games?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 19, 2019
How Exciting to Play are Medium Variance Slot Games? September 19, 2019" September 19, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Medium Variance SlotsThe levels of risk that any slot machine is going to be offering players will fall into one of three different categories, those being low variance, medium variance and high variance slots, and you will find plenty of them have been designed by all slot game providers.

The way in which each of those types of slot machine deliver their playing structures and formats will be as follows, a low variance slot will spin in lots of lower valued winning combinations and often have a modestly sized jackpot on offer.

High variance slot machines on the other hand are very high risk slot machines to play, for not many low valued winning pay-outs are awarded on those types of slots, as they tend to pay out either via their base games or any attached bonus games some mega sized winning pay-outs to players every now and then.

The medium variance slot machines as you may have now already guessed fall in between both low and high variance slots, and they do tend to be the types of slot machines that most players are going to be seeking out.

For by playing medium variance slots you will get a fair number of winning spins when things are going your way which could be of any value, and the medium variance slots that offer bonus games and bonus features do tend to award them to players fairly regularly too, so you will get what you could best describe as a fully rounded type of slot playing experience if you do set about playing any medium variance slot machines.

Why Play Medium Variance Slots?

Let me now give you some ideas as to just which types of slot machines may suit you the best when you do indeed fancy getting tuck into playing medium variance slot games. If you are looking for a basic type of online, land based or even mobile slot playing experience then you should ideally be on the hunt for the single line slots, for they are a basic type of slot machines with no bells and whistles on offer and deliver a rapid fire type of slot playing experience to players too.

To determine instantly whether a slot machine has a low, medium or high variance type of playing structure and format a quick glance at the slot machines pay table should reveal that to you, and all slot machines these days will have a pay table attached to them somewhere.

That pay table is going to be offering you a wealth of information regarding how each slot machine has been designed to play and pay for you will see just how many reel symbols are attached to each reel, how much you can win when spinning in any number of matching reel symbols too plus details of any bonus games will also be revealed to you via a slot machines pay table too.

As long as you always keep in mind hat you are always going to have full control over the types of slot machines you play and the stake levels you play them for you should have plenty of fun and excitement playing slot machines.

But some medium variance slot games and slot machines will offer staking options that let slot players play for low stake amounts and there will be no shortages of penny slot machines on offer to you plus for high rolling slot players there will also be plenty of high stake slot machines with medium variances on offer too.

I would also advise you to take a look at some of the medium variance slot machines that have been designed to pay both ways across their screens, that being left to right on activated pay-lines and right to left too, as those slots will give you double the chance of winning on every single base game spin you play off.

You are also going to find plenty of slot machines that have been designed as All Pays and All Ways slot machines that do offer something of a medium variance type of playing structure and they can be very cost effective slot machines to get stuck into playing when you want to have the maximum chance of winning on each spin you choose to play off.

Just make sure that you try out and play a good selection of medium variance slots, for there is no doubt in my mind you will find plenty of them that you do enjoy playing.

Types of Medium Variance Slots

As for just which types of slot machines you will some across that have a medium variance type of playing structure and format attached to them, well you will find all the slot types below could be offering you such a playing format and structure.

  1. Video Slot Machines
  2. Classic Slot Games
  3. Progressive Jackpot Slots
  4. Fruit Machines
  5. 3 Reel Slot Games

You can play medium variance slots for free or get stuck into playing medium variance slots for real money, but make no mistake about it you are going to find them very exiting slot games to play and many of them do also offer all manner of unique built in bonus features and could also award you with bonus games too.


It is true to say that gambling is a huge industry and as such you are never going to find a shortage of places, sites, venues and apps at which to play any type of slot machines you fancy getting stuck into playing. Some regulators are limiting the number of land based casinos so that is another reason why more and more players are choosing to play online and mobile slot machines.


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