How do Free Spins Bonuses Work?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 20, 2019
How do Free Spins Bonuses Work? September 20, 2019" September 20, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

slot machine free spinsAs a slot player you are going to find all manner of different slot machines available to you, for example some slot machines will have optional pay-lines and some slot games these days will have fixed pay-lines instead.

All casino sites and most mobile casino apps are going to be offering you all manner of incentives to sign up to their sites and one type of casino promotional offer that does tend to appeal to slot players in particular are a type of bonus offer known as a set of free spins.

What you are going to find when you are offered such a promotional offer form any casino site or app is that there is often no need for you to have to make a deposit into your newly opened casino account to claim  free set of spins on the chosen slot machines.

By claiming a set of free spins what you are then faced with doing is simply playing off those free spins in the hope that you win something as you are playing them all off, and by doing so the casino will often then let you keep those winnings.

However, each casinos free spins bonus offers and promotional deals will have a different set of rules and terms and conditions attached and associate with them, and below I will be giving you an insight into just which ones do tend to offer player by far and away the maximum value and gives players the most winning opportunities too.

Claiming and Using Free Slot Spins

The terms and conditions attached to any set of free spins that a casino is offering will give you an overview of whether they are going to be worth claiming, along with just how many spins you are going to get to play off, the slot they will be credited to and how many pay-lines will be activated on those spins and the coin values too.

It could be the case that only a small number of the available pay-lines will be activated on the chosen slot, and those free spins bonuses are not going to be worth claiming in my opinion, imagine being awarded what appears like a decent amount of free spins, say 100 of them on a 50 pay-line slot, only for you to find one pay-line out of those 50 pay-lines are going to be activated!

Having said that though whenever any of our featured casino sites offer free spins to their players you will often find that every single pay-line attached to the featured slot machine will be activated, so you will then have the maximum chances of winning when claiming such bonuses.

Another thing to look out for which is important, is whether the winning you achieve when playing off your set of free spins will be capped, if there are no caps in place regarding just how much you can cash out, those offers are worth claiming, as the sky is the limit as to just how much you could win from them.

You should also check to see whether the winning you achieve after playing off your free spins are going to be awarded to you as cash credits or bonus credits, if the latter then there may be additional play through requirement attached to those winnings.

If so then you are going to have to play through your winnings  certain number of time before you can cash out those winnings which could of course see you losing back those winnings to the casino as you are trying to achieve those play through requirements.

I have also seen some casinos that will only award players with a small number of free spins if they first make a deposit, and once again it will be dependent on the terms and conditions attached to those promotional offers that will ultimately determine whether they offer you true and real value, or will be putting at risk those deposit you make to get your set of free spins.

To be honest though free slot spins on which you can keep the winnings are not what you could ever call the best valued promotional offers casinos site are going to be offering you, for there are some much more generous bonus offers such as a deposit match bonus, but at the end of the day it will be yup to you as to just which offers, promotions and/or bonus offers you do make use of and claim when playing at any casino sites or on any casino apps, so try and pick out the best valued ones.

Other Types of Casino Bonus Offers

There are no shortages of different casino bonuses that you will find being offered to you when you play real money slot games of any type, but first do checkout our free play slots and give them a try to allow you to work out which slot games you do enjoy playing the most.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses
  2. Cash Back Bonuses
  3. Reload Bonuses
  4. Deposit Match Bonuses
  5. One Hour Free Slot Play Bonuses

Each of the additional casino bonus offer types listed above are always going to come with their own unique set of terms and conditions, and it is important that you read them all through before claiming any bonuses, just so you know how each bonus has been designed and put together.


It is important that you play online at legal and licensed casinos and do not play an unlicensed casinos or slot sites, and by playing at legal venues you will be playing fair and random slot machines and will find plenty of generous slot player promotional competitions, offers and bonuses are available to you too.


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