The Top Paying Optional Pay-Line Slots

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 19, 2019
The Top Paying Optional Pay-Line Slots September 19, 2019" September 19, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Multi-Payline SlotsIt can be very confusing when it comes to finding slot machines from any slot machine provider that you are going to enjoy playing, for one thing that you are going to discover is that all slot machines will come with their own unique playing structures for a start.

Some slot machines though do tend to give players the maximum choice regarding the stake levels that they can play them for and will offer a range of coin denominations settings to players, and many slot machines will offer optional pay-line settings too.

When you play any slot machines that do indeed have optional pay-lines you are going to be able to pick and choose just how many pay-lines you wish to put into play on every single spin you play off, and therefore you have the maximum control over just how you play those slot machines.

If you are interested on playing those types of slot machines then please do read on for I will be passing onto you all manner of information about playing optional pay-line slots and will also give you some playing tips for playing those types of slot games too.

Plus, you are also going to find plenty of free to play no risk optional pay-line slot games listed throughout this website too so you can try those types and categories of slot machines out at no risk to see if they do indeed exciting you and appeal to you as a slot player, so read on to find out just what those types of slots are going to be offering you and how to play them too.

Most Played Optional Pay-Line Slots

There are some slot machines that will not offer players an optional number of pay lines that they can put into play on each and any spin or spins they play off, take for example single line slot machines, as those types of slot machines only have one single pay-line on offer you are forced to have to have that single pay-line in play when playing such slots obviously.

I would also advise you to look at the pay table of any and all optional pay-line slot machines you like the look of and may be about to play.

I say that as some slot machines have a huge number of reel symbols and some of those reel symbols can trigger things such as bonus games and/or bonus features too, and you will of course discover when checking out any optional pay-line slot machines pay table just how high the potential jackpot is on offer on the slot that you do set about playing, based on the stake levels that you are about to play them for, so make a point of checking out that information long before you start to play is my advice.

One of the main attractions for players who do play optional pay-line slot games is that they are ideally suited to players how want to play slot machines for low stake levels.

That is due to the fact that players can not only pick and choose just how many pay-lines they put into play but can also alter and adjust the coin value settings and also often pick and choose just how many coins they wish to have in place and wager on each of the pay lines that they do indeed choose to have in play on every single spin they play off too.

As most casinos offer comp clubs and all manner of other loyalty type schemes to their real money players, so do ensure that you do some hunting around and select the casino sites to play at that are best famed for their overly generous comp and loyalty clubs.

That way when you do play any type of optional pay line slot machines for example you are going to be showered with lots of additional extras based on your level of play, that will help you lock in even more playing value.

The type of slot machines that I do tend to be actively on the hunt for though that do offer optional pay-lines are always going to be the ones that have been set to return to players pay-out percentages that are higher in value than 96%.

Make no mistake about it the higher the pay-out percentage is on any slot machines you set about playing the most winning pay-outs those slot machines are going to end up awarding you over your long term play, so that is something else to keep in mind when playing optional pay-line slot machines too.

Tips for Playing Optional Pay-Line Slots

You may fancy trying out free play optional pay-line slots to see how to get to grips with playing them, and always remember that we do have plenty of them available on this website, and below are some of the top tips for playing them when you switch offer to the real money slot playing mode.

  1. Equate Stakes to Your Bankroll
  2. Play the Slots with the Highest RTP’s
  3. Look for Generous Slot Bonuses
  4. Always Set Loss Limits
  5. Play Only Certified Fair Slots

As most casinos offer players a range of gambling limit option settings these days, you are going to have no problems being able to set your own personal loss limits when playing real money slot games online and can also set deposit limits and time limits for playing online too.


Some slot machines are run by the state in certain countries of the world, however all developed countries will have very robust regulations regarding the operation of slot machines to ensure players are never going to get ripped off or cheated when playing at licensed casinos and regulated gaming venues which is always good to know.


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