How Often Are Playtech Progressive Slot Jackpots Won?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 18, 2019
How Often Are Playtech Progressive Slot Jackpots Won? November 18, 2019" November 18, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

PlaytechYou are bound to have your own unique slot machine playing strategies and systems, and one way of playing slot machines that offer a progressive jackpot is for players to wait until their jackpots are higher than the average amount they are usually won at.

With that in mind what you are going to find revealed to you below are the average jackpots won on Playtech designed and developed progressive slot machines, and as such please do read on to discover those average jackpot pay-out amounts and then you will know when to start playing their range of slots, that being when the jackpots are above the following amounts.

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Average Number of Days Between Playtech Slot Jackpots Being Won

Let me now give you an insight into both the average jackpot value of Playtech progressive jackpots when they are won on a  range of their many different progressive slot machines, and also let you know just how many days on average it takes a player to win one of those jackpots after the last jackpot was won.

The Gladiator slot for example is one that based on its recent jackpots pays out on average €1,039,090 to each winning jackpot player and on average there are 75 days between each jackpot being awarded to players of that slot.

There are lots of different stake levels that you can play some Playtech slot games for, and as such the jackpots you can win when playing those identical slots will be dependent on just what stake levels you are playing.

But when playing the Funky Fruits €10 stake slot the average jackpot awarded to winners on that slot is some €1,043,174 and it is usually around every 31 days that it awards its jackpot. The Funky Fruits €5 variant pays out on average some €515,687 to its progressive jackpot winners and it is on average some 32 days between jackpots being won on that slot machine too.

There are some rather basic playing and structured progressive slot machines that Playtech have launched over the years and if you do enjoy playing such slots then be aware that the Gold Rally  slot awards an average progressive jackpot of some €837,612 which on average takes some 80 days to be and the Beach Life slot has an average hit value of some €2,487,930 but is takes some 205 days to hit that slot games jackpot after it was last paid out.

When you see the Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 slot games jackpot above €441,057 in value that is often the very best time to play that slot machine as that is the average hit value of that jackpot which on average takes some 138 days to be won after the last time it was won.

You may be tempted to play the Sweet Party €10 variant if you do enjoy playing progressive jackpot awarding slots for high stakes and that slot pays out jackpots on average that are valued at €652,418 and it usually pays out a jackpot 40 days after the previous progressive jackpot was won.

The Diamond Valley slot machine form Playtech has been around for many years and on average that slot pays out to players some €58,513 and takes around 41 days on average to be won after the last jackpot was pad out and one of their much newer video progressive slots is their Cat in Vegas slot which tends to be around the €169,728 value when it is paid out on average and that slot on average awarded its jackpot every 67 days.

Tips for Playing Progressive Slot Machines

As you are going to be paying a small percentage of the stakes you play a progressive slot game for to feed the jackpot pool, keep in mind that you should ideally be looking to play only those slots which have jackpots that are higher than their average jackpot pay-out amount.

I say that as its rare, but not impossible to win a progressive jackpot on a slot machine not long after it has just been paid out to another player, and as such if you do choose to play such a slot that has only recently paid out its progressive jackpot then you will simply be feeding the jackpot pool which may take some time to be won.

Having said that though, all progressive jackpot awarding slot machines by their very design are completely random, so you could win a jackpot at any time, but only if you are playing them in the way that they have been designed to award their jackpots.

So before you ever set about playing such slots always, and this is important, make sure you know what stakes or pay-lines you have to play for or have in live play to have any chance what so ever of winning a jackpot, and play them in that way.


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