How Do Feature Guarantees Work on Slot Games?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 2, 2019
How Do Feature Guarantees Work on Slot Games? November 2, 2019" November 2, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Slot Feature GuaranteesThere are some slot machine providers and designers who do tend to bring out a large series of slot machines that all offer something similar, and if you decide to play at casinos sites that offer the Real; Time Gaming range of slots you will find many of them offer slot machines offering something known as a Feature Guarantee.

Be aware though that RTG casino sites are ones that casino operators alter slot machine RTP’s and as such they have the option to set their slot games to one of three different RTP’s, however many players do enjoy playing their range of slots due in no small part to things such as Feature Guarantees.

On a side note if you are wondering why are some slot machines multi-denomination or how often are progressive jackpots won or many be asking yourself what are the benefits of using a player’s card and how often are new slot machines launched then I have a range of guides on this website that will answer those questions for you.

However, let me now let you know just what Feature Guarantee is and how they can at the very least allow you to play slot machines ins such a way that you are always going to know when you will trigger a slot machines bonus game.

When you start to play a slot game online that does have a Feature Guarantee, what you will notice is that somewhere on that slot games screen will be a countdown meter, and displayed upon it will be the number of spins that you are going to have to play off as a maximum number of spins before the bonus game will guaranteed to be triggered.

Whilst you could of course trigger the bonus game on those slots at any time by spinning in the required number of scatter or bonus symbols, if you do not do so and you have played off enough spins and the Feature Guarantee meter counts down to 1, then on that spin you will find the slot game automatically awards you with that bonus game.

Playing Feature Guarantee Slots

You may now fancy playing a range of different feature guarantee slot machines, and if you do then do keep in mind that there are going to be a very large number of them available at all casino sites that utilize the Real Time Gaming software platform and their range of slot machines.

However, never be under the impression that when you do finally trigger any slot machines bonus feature that it is going to be a high paying one, for that may not be the case and you could win nothing after having played off the bonus game you have just been awarded.

Another thing to keep in mind though is that if you change the stake levels you are playing for then the feature guarantee meter is going to be reset to the maximum number of spins required before you will be guaranteed of triggering the bonus game.

Tips for Playing Feature Guarantee Slots

Playing feature guarantees can be fun and as you will have some idea of just when the bonus game will eventually trigger then you will at least be able to divide up your bankroll in such a way that you can ensure that you do at the very least get one bonus game triggering.

However, do keep in mind that most Real Time Gaming software powered online casino sites are famed for offering their players some very high valued bonus offers, and by claiming them that will mean that the size of your bankroll will be boosted in value and often quite significantly too.

By claiming such a bonus then you will get more play time out of your bankroll if you stick to playing with your bonus funds at the same stake you usually play for with your real money funds, so you will get more bonus games triggering by playing those slots if you do pick out a unit slot take that will enable you to play off the maximum required number of base game spins before the bonus game is triggered.

But always keep in mind that you are going to have to achieve any play through requirements that are attached dot any bonus offer you do make use of, so that is something you will have to factor into your bonus playing slot playing sessions.

Many RTG slots that do offer a feature guarantee will also offer a randomly awarded jackpot too and as such you could always win a progressive jackpot completely at random when playing such slots that are designed by RTG, and those jackpots can by the way be won by players playing or any stake levels too, so you are not going to be forced to have to play them for very high stake levels to buy in with a chance of walking off with a progressive jackpot if you are very lucky.


When you become aware of just how much money land based casinos make from slot players you will see why those venues tend to have hundreds if not thousands of them available, however they can often be places where players are going to have to put up with some very low pay-out percentages, and often land based casinos do not reveal the RTP’s of their slot games to their customers.

In fact, many land based casinos will have facial recognition systems attached to their slot games so they can track you around the casino, but online casinos have none of that big brother technology and do tend to offer players much higher payout percentages on their slot games too, so never forget that.


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