What are the Benefits of Using a Players Card?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 16, 2019
What are the Benefits of Using a Players Card? September 16, 2019" September 16, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

slot machine player cardsA players card is a way that all land based casinos that offer a comp club or players club as they are often known as will be able to determine just what by way of many additional extras they are going to bestow upon you based on the types of slot machines you play and the amount of cash you tend to gamble with too.

When you wander into any of the huge number of land based casinos in places such as Las Vegas they will have their own unique loyalty schemes in place, and players certainly need to sign up to those loyalty clubs long before they ever start to play slot machines in land-based casino venues.

As soon as you sign up you will be issued with your own unique players card, which is the same shape and size as a accredit and debit card, but you must insert them into any slot machines you a re about to play, as they way all of your gaming action on each slot machine you play will then be tracked and monitored.

As you are playing each time you play off a real money spin you will then be earning yourself comp points, and it will ultimately be just how many of those comp points as they are know that you earn when playing that will them, as you will discover below, open up all manner of additional extras that you can swap your comp points for.

Extras Awarded to Players Card Users

Let me now give you some ideas as to just what you are going to be able to earn by way of additional extras if you do choose to use your players card at any casino site but keep in mind the extras on offer to you are going to vary dependent completely on just which casinos you are playing at.

The most commonly available incentives for players when a member of an online or mobile casino site are additional playing credits, and it will be the number of comp points that you have managed to accumulate and the way a casino has designed their online or mobile comp club scheme as to just how many playing credits you can swap your comp points for.

Be aware though that some online and mobile casino sites may allow you to swap your comp points for things such as slot tournaments entry fees too, so if you do fancy trying your chances playing in one or more slot tournaments then look out for casinos that will allow you to pay for your slot tournament entries using your comp points.

Land based casinos on the other hand will let you swap and redeem your accumulated players card comp points for a huge number of different things, so let me now take a look at just what those points you earn at such a venue will give you access too.

Cash may be something you would much prefer having, and many land-based casinos will allow you to exchange your comp points for cash on the spot but be aware that the exchange rate used for doing so will never be overly generous.

Slot players will of course enjoy playing slot machines and as such all land based casinos are going to allow their players to turn their comp points into slot play, and once again it will be just how generous a casinos comp club scheme really is as to just how much slot play you will be able to turn your comp points into.

If you are staying at a hotel attached or adjoining any land based casino you will find that you can often use your com points to pay for your hotel room too, which is a great way of staying for free at such venues when you are gambling at those venues too.

Food and drink are other things that you can often find that casinos will happily let you exchange your comp points for, with most people opting to use their players card to pay for a casino buffet, and often by using a players card when paying for a buffet for example many casinos will give you  discount on your buffet bill too.

Some casino resorts do have major stars putting on shows as their venues and often you will always be able to exchange your accumulated comp points to pay for the tickets to watch such shows, which is something else that you may be interested in doing.

What Can You Redeem Comp Points for?

Whilst its true to say that you cannot make a living playing slot machines, unless you are amazingly lucky of course, by using a players card when gambling in any casino, plenty of valuable benefits will then start to flow you way, and you can use your points to redeem them for any of the things listed below.

  1. Food and Drink
  2. Room and Suites
  3. Slot Play
  4. Cold Hard Cash
  5. Show Tickets

By maximizing your winning chances when playing slot machines and knowing just which slots to play and when then it is possible to get the maximum rewards for your gaming action, and many players card holders rarely if ever for example have to pay for their casino resorts rooms or suites by playing the comp club system.


It can be difficult to get approval for new casinos these days, and as such some players in certain parts of the world have a limited number of venues they can visit and play slot machines at, and that is why more and more players now play online and mobile slots as they are much easier to access and play.


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