Have Feature Buy Slots Been Banned?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 1, 2019
Have Feature Buy Slots Been Banned? November 1, 2019" November 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Slot Bonus Buy Feature BannedAs you may know, there are lots of unique features attached to most online slots, and as such long before you start playing them online you will need to learn things such as what are colossal reel symbols and take a look at what stacked reel symbols are.

Many slot machines will have you wondering how do random wild reel symbols operate and how do wild symbols work and you may be sat there wondering can I play casino slots for very low stakes online, however you will also come across some slot machines that have a feature buy option too.

What a feature buy option allows players to do is to pay an increase stake for the next spin on any slot that has that feature on offer and buy paying that additional stake you are guaranteed to trigger the main bonus game on that slot machine.

However, the actual cost of being guaranteed to have the bonus game triggering on the next spin of the reels when you do make use of the feature buy option can be huge, and that is something that has recently been concerning the UK Gambling Commission.

In fact, after studying that slot game bonus bet they have decided it is too high risk and puts players at risk of spending way more money that they may have wanted to, and can be a rather addictive feature too and as such they have recently decided to ban it from all casino sites that are licensed in the UK.

As such if you are based in the United Kingdom and play at any casino sites that are licensed by the UKGC you are no longer going to be able to access any games that used to have the feature buy option.

How Bonus Feature Buys Work

The things to keep in mind when you do play a slot machine that is going to allow you to play it in the standard way or take a feature buy option, the actual cost of taking that bonus feature buy is going to vary from machine to machine, dependent on just how it has been designed.

But one thing that you do need to know about taking the feature buy option is that the stake is going to be a large multiple of the base game stake, and there are never going to be any guarantees that you will win big when you take that option either.

Keep in mind too, and this is very important, if for example you have a slot machine set to a 1.00 stake and the feature buy option is 100.00 and you do take that option which could be a set of free spins, then the free spins will be playing off with a stake of just 1.00 in play.

There is going to be no increase int the pay-out percentage that you will have in play on any slot machine is you do opt to take the feature buy option, so there are great risks associated with you taking that optional bonus bet.

Should I Take the Feature Buy Option?

At the end of the day what you are going to have to do regarding whether you will want to take the feature buy option when playing any slot games in any playing environment that offer them is work out whether you afford to take those bonus bet options.

Due to the very high cost of them many low stake players are going to find they will be far too expensive to take, in fact taking just one of them and then ending up not winning anything or very much from the bonus game that has then been paid for and played off could put a dint in any slot players bankrolls.

However, if you do take the feature buy option if you are permitted to do so dependent on where you live and at what casino you are playing at, then over the long term you will find the pay-out percentage you have achieved take that feature buy option repeatedly will be close to the RTP the slot machine has been set to return to players.

Personally though I do feel that it is the players that should be given the option of whether they can take a feature buy option when playing slot games and not having some third party deciding whether it is something that they can or cannot take, for that is too much like a nanny state deciding what is good for slot players and just what isn’t good for them.

Even if you are based int the UK you are still going to find some casino sites that will offer you a r range of slot machines that do give you the option of taking the bonus buy options, but those casinos will be ones that are not licensed and regulated in the UK.

But do ensure that the casino sites you do end up playing are at licensed somewhere in the world and they have a rock solid reputation too for paying out their winning players in aa hassle free and timely fashion, as sadly many casinos that are licensed in some countries of the world  are not operated and run to the very high standards as the casinos that are license by the UK Gambling Commission.


There are always reasons why the UK Gambling Commission are going to impose new rules and regulations on all casino sites they license, and in regards to the feature buy option it is the case that they feel the stakes involved with those optional bonus bets and the risks involved with them they are putting slot players at too much risk.

There are of course many other gaming commissions and gaming authorities that also license and regulate online and mobile casino sites, and you will find that when playing at sites licensed elsewhere you are not going to find yourself subject to such bonus feature buy bans.


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