Cleopatra Slots RTP

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Dec 16, 2019
Cleopatra Slots RTP December 16, 2019" December 16, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Cleopatra Slots

What is Cleopatra Slots RTP ( Return to Player)?

Cleopatra Slots RTP is : 95.70%.

With Egyptian themed slot machines being right at the top of many slot players lists of slot games they love playing time and time again, there are loads of them that you can play online, but the most popular and most played one by far is the Cleopatra slot.

That slot has been around for quite a long time, and it is also a slot that many players enjoy playing time and time again thanks to the fact that is does come with a high payout percentage, and the RTP of the Cleopatra slot game has been set at a very respectable 95.70%

That slot comes with a potentially huge paying base game and a bonus game that can award some even higher valued winning pay-outs to players, and for information on just which other slots have high payout percentages you will be best advised to take a visit over to the Best Slots RTP’s page of this website.

Best Casinos to Play Cleopatra for Real Money

It is going to be easy for you to play real money slots online for there are, as I am sure you will discover as you take a look around this casino plenty of sites offering any type o slot machines that you do fancy playing.

But please do stick to playing at our approved casinos, for they have all been selected with our strict set of criteria that we demand from any casino sites, such as having in play a system hereby they can pay out all of their winning players no matter where they live or how much they win quickly.

You will also find some extremely generous sign up welcome bonuses available at each of those casino sites too and they all offer players a loyalty type of scheme too, that will see you earning plenty of additional playing credits based on your level of real money slot play too.

Do however try and sign up at several of our featured casinos, for that way you are going to have access to the widest range of different slot machines, many of which you will not find available at other casino sites.

Cleopatra Slot Tips and Strategy

Moving onto the best possible slot playing strategy when you are playing the Cleopatra slot, well it is a slot that is famed for its very high pay-outs that can be achieved when its free spins bonus feature has been triggered and awarded to players.

The free spins are going to be triggered and awarded to you when three or more of the scatter symbols have spun into view, and the more base game spins you play off the greater the chance you will then have of triggering that bonus game, so that is how you should try and play that slot.

You have a couple of options as to how you can indeed play off more base game spins, the first is by lowering down the stakes you are playing for, or you could claim a casino bonus offer, as that will increase the size and value of your bankroll.

By playing off at least 100 base game spins you will then stand a reasonable chance of triggering that free spins bonus game so try and play off at the very least that number of spins per session you have playing the Cleopatra slot is what I advise players to do.


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