Best Ways to Win a Fruit Machine Jackpot

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 31, 2019
Best Ways to Win a Fruit Machine Jackpot October 31, 2019" October 31, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

fruit machine jackpotWhen you ask any fruit machine player, why they tend to play those types of slot machines, the most common answer will be to win the jackpot, and if you are about to play fruit machines as a real money player then please do read on, for below I will enlighten you on the best ways to have an increased chance of winning a fruit machines jackpot.

Keep in mind though, that each fruit machines I going to have a pre-set long term expected pay-out percentage and unlike casino styled slot machines, a fruit machine will do whatever it needs to do to ensure it always achieves its long term pay-out percentage after a full cycle of spins.

Before I look at the very best ways that you can win a fruit machines jackpot please do be aware that I have plenty of additional slot and fruit machine playing guides located throughout this website and you should allocate some time to read through as many of them as you can do.

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If you do manage to win a fruit machine jackpot then you will of course want to get paid out those winnings as fast as you possibly can do and with that in mind make sure that you only ever play at our fully approved and top rated online and mobile casino sites as they are the very best ones that you can play at.

Force a Fruit Machine Jackpot

Due to the way that fruit machines work and operate and have been designed, they are forced to have to achieve their pre-set long term expected pay-out percentage when they have been played through a set number of game cycles.

As such one way that it is possible for a fruit machine player to win a jackpot when playing is for them to force the fruit machine that they are playing to award them with a jackpot, and that is not as difficult as it may first seem.

Forcing a jackpot will see a player initially playing a fruit machine but in such a way that each time they get a hold they will hold un-matching symbols o that they cannot form a winning combination on the next spin, and they will nudge in losing combinations when they have been awarded with a  nudge feature.

Each time that players spins in a winning combination they will always choose to take the gamble feature too, until they lose.

Eventually  due to a player losing repeatedly by playing in the way mentioned above, the fruit machine will need to increase its pay-out percentage to the one it has been set too, and the way it will do that is by spinning in a jackpot winning combination on the pay line.

Look Out for Fruit Machines About to Payout

You may be wondering if there is going to be any way that you can tell in advance that a fruit machine may just be about to pay-out its jackpot pay-out or spin in a series of high valued winning combinations.

Well, never lose track of the fact that every single fruit machine has been designed in such a way that they have to achieve their pre-set pay-out percentage over a set cycle of spins, so if you spot a player playing a fruit machine that is losing then it may just be the best strategy to jump onto that fruit machine when that losing player stops playing.

By doing so there may just be a very good chance that fruit machines to then going to switch over from a cold cycle to a hot cycle and you may just find that is starts to pay-out.

However, being completely random the is never any real way of knowing just when a fruit machines is going to star to pay out, but a fruit machine that has been gobbling up many players bankrolls will naturally have to start paying out, and by timing just when you play one of them there is always a good chance you could bag a jackpot or several of them.

Also do keep in mind that the higher in value a fruit machines jackpot is the harder it will be to win that jackpot, and as such you are going to win more fruit machine jackpots when you are playing ones that offer a much smaller jackpot than a much higher jackpot so that is something else for you to keep in mind when you are deciding just which fruit machines you are going to get stuck into playing next for real money.


Never be tempted to try and rip off or scam a fruit machine, for they are highly advanced these days and any attempt to defraud a fruit machine will be detected by the machine and could land you in serious trouble for attempting to do so.

There are however always going to be people that are ever eager to rip off fruit machines no matter where they are located, and some fruit machines can be ripped off by using counterfeit banknotes or fake coins.

In fact, some people are prepared to simply jimmy open the cash box of a fruit machine and then leg it with the takings, and there is never going to be any stopping someone who is determine to rib a fruit machine in such a way.


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